47% of Kids’ Holiday Gifts Are Hidden — Just Not Very Well!

47% of Kids’ Holiday Gifts Are Hidden — Just Not Very Well!

Closets are the most popular spot for hiding (and finding) presents
young family opening Christmas gifts

Hiding gifts before a holiday is a time-honored tradition, but it turns out that most gift-givers aren't often successful at keeping presents under wraps. According to a recent survey, all of the most popular places to hide gifts just so happen to be the most popular places to look for hidden presents.

While many recent holiday surveys have focused on more serious matters — how much consumers plan to spend on presents, the value of holiday shopping with small businesses — a new survey takes a more whimsical look at gift-giving behaviors. In the gift (hiding) report from self-storage rental platform Neighbor, parents admitted that the gifts they hide are usually pretty easy to find.

Hiding in plain sight

Overall, gift-givers say they enjoy hiding presents (noted by 60% of respondents) — mostly from their kids (47%) and partners (38%) — but they don't seem too concerned with whether or not those gifts are found. While about half of all gifts are eventually found in their hiding places, 21% of recipients find the goods within just one hour, and 8% find their gift while it’s being wrapped.

Of the 1,000 survey participants, 82% said they have gifts delivered directly to their homes, apparently not concerned about recipients seeing the shipping boxes (so much for giving Santa credit). According to a previous survey, over 6 in 10 holiday shoppers planned to buy gifts from large retailers this year, so maybe gift-givers are hoping it’s hard for the recipient to pick out which gift is theirs among all those Amazon boxes.

For anyone anxious to find their gifts before the big day, here are the most popular hiding places:

  • Bedroom closet (53.0%)
  • Spare room (31.5%)
  • Coat closet (26.0%)
  • Under a bed (26.0%)
  • Car trunk (25.0%)

Of course, that information might not be necessary for gift hunters — these five hiding spots are the exact same places where people say they look for hidden presents first.

These are the most popular places to search for gifts:

  • Bedroom closet (25.0%)
  • Under a bed (22.0%)
  • Car trunk (15.0%)
  • Coat closet (9.0%)
  • Spare room (6.0%, tied with kid's room)

Looking for a better place to hide gifts? Some of the more creative spots that people said they hide gifts — or less creative, depending on your perspective — are outside (11%), in a kid’s room (10%) and in the bathroom (9%).

Of course limited space is likely one of the reasons that good hiding spots are so hard to find. But if you don't have much room to hide presents and still want to be extra stealthy, you could go the extra mile and stash gifts at a friend or family member's house (a location cited by 14% of survey respondents).

Did you find it yet?

Some of the information gathered in the survey is slightly more practical. As of Oct. 27, 2021, when the survey was conducted, 62% of respondents said they had already begun shopping for the holidays. Further, 13% said they would start shopping before Thanksgiving and 17% said they’d start on Black Friday. By those numbers, more than 9 in 10 shoppers have made purchases already.

What does that information mean to someone who's hunting for gifts around the house? If you haven't already found something shiny in a closet, you might want to try looking under the couch or taking a peek below the bathroom sink.

Methodology: Neighbor commissioned online survey platform Pollfish.com to survey 1,000 Americans ages 16 and older on Oct. 27, 2021. Respondents came from all 50 states; 41% identified as male and 59% identified as female.