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a couple reviews their financial future

Americans’ Optimism About Financial Future Hits Highest Level Since 1998

Upbeat survey results come despite recently slow growth for wages.

Aeiral view of cars on a highway

Record Numbers of Americans Behind on Their Car Loans

Despite the strong labor market, Americans can’t keep up with their car loan payments.

A young couple looks at their new home

Millennials Now Hold Largest Value of New Home Loans

Younger cohort overtakes Gen X, boomers, but still struggles with heavy debt.

Students in a large classroom

Student Loan Delinquencies Surge to Record Highs

But the effect of student defaults may be milder than last decade’s subprime mortgage crisis.

A student writes at her desk.

Maine May Join Other States With Financial Literacy Requirement for Students

State may become latest to require kids learn real-world personal finance skills

A man stands on a corner.

Personal Loans Almost Double in 3 Years

The No. 1 reason consumers turn to personal loans is to manage existing debt

Mother and daughter talking

Survey: Many Young Adults Wrongly Believe an Inheritance Will Secure their Financial Future

Young adults’ unfounded financial optimism may result in bad money habits.

A couple holds hands.

Most Adults Don’t Feel Comfortable Talking About Money In a Relationship

A new survey reveals couples would rather avoid conversations about personal finances.

The Average Tax Refund Is Down 8.4%

The Average Tax Refund Is Down 8.4%, But That May Change

During the first week of tax season, taxpayers received smaller refunds by an average of $170.

A woman reviews her credit card statement

Just 49% of Americans Can Pay Off Their Credit Card Debt Today: Survey

Here’s how we wind up overspending $315 a month.

How debt can hurt your romantic relationships.

Surprise: Debt Is a Romantic Deal Breaker

The type of debt matters, too, according to a new survey.