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A look at United's Premium Plus seats

Is the New United Premium Economy Seat Worth the Cost?

The carrier’s newest class of seats bridges the gap between a tight squeeze and luxury.

Don't let your grandparent fall victim to the imposter scam

Senior Scam Alert: Warn Your Grandparents About Imposter Phone Scams

The imposter scam isn't anything new, but seniors are more at risk than before.

Michigan First Time Home Buyer Legislation SB511-SB512

Michigan Homebuyer Savings Accounts Could Make Things Easier for Residents

If passed, Senate Bills 511 and 512 will allow first-time homebuyers in Michigan to save for their next home purchase on a tax-advantaged...

An African-American family enjoys a family dinner in their home

Black Homeowners See Home Values Rise Higher Than Other Groups After Subprime Mortgage Crisis

But there’s a downside: black homeownership is at the lowest it's been in 50 years.

A denied application

The Credit-Rating System Unfairly Scores Millennials: Report

A new VantageScore study argues a huge swath of millennials should have a higher credit score. Are you one of them?

Crowded New York apartment buildings

Renters' New Reality: Paying More for Less

Even as the size of new apartments keeps shrinking, rents continue to rise.

Car Wreck

Q1 2019 Rate Increases Coming for Allied Insurance Customers in Michigan

Allied Insurance is raising their rates in Michigan to start 2019

Text books in a university classroom

These College Majors Are the Least Likely to Be Saddled with Student Debt

Fifty percent of students graduate with student debt, but a recent survey shows some degrees seem to carry little to no debt.

A row of suburban houses

A House, a Spouse and Suburban Living: Millennials Are Acting a Lot Like Their Parents

A new survey shows millennials aren’t so different from Mom and Dad, after all.

A flooded neighborhood of high-priced homes

Why We Continue Building Homes in Flood Zones

In many coastal states, a majority of homeowners are taking a gamble rebuilding in flood-prone regions.

A bill that's past due.

Millennials Learn to Live With Debt: Report

But there’s an interesting reason behind why.