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Are you getting the most out of your insurance policy?

One-Third of Americans Never Re-Shop for Car or Home Insurance: Survey

Policyholders who don't revisit their insurance are leaving money on the table.

Do you know about this year's withholding penalties?

The IRS Will Waive Penalties For Forgetful Taxpayers This Year

Tax reform means some tax filers may be off the hook for underpayment penalties.

Time to fill out the tax forms

DIY Tax Filers Are Easily Distracted, and That May Cost Them Money

These are the things online tax filers are doing to make tax season more bearable.

The price of Netflix just went up.

How Netflix's Price Hike Changes the Streaming Landscape

Is now the time to make the switch to a new streaming service?

Tax refund advance loans are a bad idea.

Taking a Tax Refund Advance Loan Could Cost You

Nearly 2 million Americans took loans against their refunds. Here’s why they should be avoided.

The ruling keeps the status quo for birth control

Judge Blocks Trump Plan to Block Obamacare Birth Control Rule

For the moment, employers can’t refuse to cover workers' birth control.

It's still near impossible to know how much a hospital stay may cost

Hospitals Now Post Their Prices Online, But Patients Remain in the Dark

More information isn't always better. Here's why the recent rule does anything but empower patients.

Look at for medical billing debt

Millennials Struggle the Most with Medical Billing: Report

Healthy young people still find themselves saddled with more medical debt than older generations.

These graduates still have to pay their student loan debt.

Do You Have to Pay Your Student Loans During the Government Shutdown?

Borrowers are still on the hook even though Washington’s closed for business.

Food such as romaine lettuce isn't being inspected

Government Shutdown Stops Routine Food Safety Inspections

Here’s what the deadlock in Washington means for your stomach.