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A woman sits in her new home surrounded by boxes

Purchasing a New Home Costs More Than Money

The average homebuyer spends three work weeks coming up with their choice

A woman opens packages

Millennials Shaping U.S. Retail Trends

Young adults most likely to buy impulsively, pay for subscription boxes

Beach destination wedding

More Than Half of Adults Would Skip Destination Wedding Invitation

Travel costs, loss of vacation time biggest reasons guests would decline

Vacationers with a plane in the background

Half of Summer Vacationers Plan Last-Minute Trips

15% spend less than a day preparing for a getaway

friends looking thru their social media accounts

Social Media May Be Draining Your Finances, Survey Shows

Millennials, Gen Z most likely to be influenced by the financial habits of their online friends

Graduates holding their caps in the air

New College Graduates Are Optimistics—Maybe Too Optimistic

Study shows grads’ financial expectations don’t always line up with reality

A busy restaurant

People Who Eat Out Usually Eat Out a Lot: Survey

Biggest restaurant spenders earn between $40,000 and $50,000

A father holds his two daughters

Most Know They Need a Will, But Few Have One: Survey

A majority say they just ‘haven’t got around’ to making a will

A couple sits on a couch

Future Retirees Have Unrealistic Hopes About Social Security

Survey shows most believe they can collect full benefits sooner than they can

A business woman walks up a set of stairs

Women’s Financial Struggles Go Beyond Just Pay Gap

Survey: Day-to-day living, long-term saving more challenging for women than men

A woman stands by her car

Lack of Knowledge Hampering Electric Vehicle Sales

Consumers showing interest, but not signing on the dotted line