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Text books in a university classroom

These College Majors Are the Least Likely to Be Saddled with Student Debt

Fifty percent of students graduate with student debt, but a recent survey shows some degrees seem to carry little to no debt.

A row of suburban houses

A House, a Spouse and Suburban Living: Millennials Are Acting a Lot Like Their Parents

A new survey shows millennials aren’t so different from Mom and Dad, after all.

A flooded neighborhood of high-priced homes

Why We Continue Building Homes in Flood Zones

In many coastal states, a majority of homeowners are taking a gamble rebuilding in flood-prone regions.

A bill that's past due.

Millennials Learn to Live With Debt: Report

But there’s an interesting reason behind why.

A mailbox outside of a suburban home

Scammers Are Using This Post Office Tracking Service to Steal Your Mail

Hijacking a USPS mail tracking system is just the latest way criminals are trying to commit identity theft.

A house is sold!

This Is the Best Age to Buy a House

A new report pinpoints the age range when you should buy your first house if you want to retire comfortably.

Crowds file into a shopping mall on Black Friday

This Is How Much You’ll Spend on Holiday Shopping (and What You’ll Spend it On)

Apparently, we’re all big spenders when it comes to the season of giving.

This is a tampon.

Nevada Becomes the Tenth State to Scrap Tampon Tax

But if you live in one of the 35 states that tax your products, here’s what you can do.

A row of townhouses covered in snow

The Best Deals in Real Estate Live in the Winter

Bundle up and brave the cold if you want to find the house of your dreams at a lower price.

A young woman in her workplace

Americans Are Saving Over 100K in Retirement Savings, With Women Leading the Charge

Retirement account balances have not only bounced back from 2008 lows but are at an all-time high.