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A hurricane approaches the coast.

Airbnb Coordinates Free Housing for Hurricane Evacuees

The company joins other corporations pitching in to help those fleeing Florence.

Satellite image of Hurricane Florence

Evacuations Begin as Hurricane Florence Approaches the Southeast

Experts predict damage caused by Hurricane Florence will be severe.

A collage of fast-food logos

What to Eat Now That Subway's $5 Footlong is Gone

A look at how the deals of other fast-food chains stack up against each other.

Passengers wait in an airport terminal with a plane visible in the window outside.

British Airways Customers’ Credit Cards Hacked in Major Data Breach

Here are steps to take if you suspect your data may have been compromised.

A woman looks over her bills while her child watches.

The Number of Middle Class Families on Welfare Programs Has Doubled

It’s not just the poor who are tapping into government entitlement benefits, according to a new report.

Children raise their hands in a classroom.

New Tax Law Lets Families Tap Into 529 Plans for Private K-12 Education

Parents wanting to send their children to private K-12 schools have a new financial tool to help with the high costs.

Students walk down a street at their university.

Private Colleges Launch Tuition Discount Programs to Attract Top Students

More private universities are introducing price-matching programs, which is good news for students.

A newborn baby grabs her mother's finger.

These States Have the Most Expensive Child Care

Starting a family costs more than ever, especially if you live in these places in the U.S.

Woman buying groceries at the super market

Why Middle-Class Americans Are Struggling to Put Food on the Table

A surprising 40% of Americans are having trouble paying for basic necessities like food, healthcare and housing, according to a new report

A woman with a piece of luggage at the airport.

JetBlue Raises Baggage Fees to Highest of Any Major Airline

This is how the airline's attempt to cut cost will hit your wallet at the airport.

A Chemistry student in the lab

10 College Degrees That Hold the Best Job Prospects

Wondering whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth it? For these in-demand careers, they are.