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The CFPB's Innovation Lab Is a Bet on Online Lenders

The government regulator wants to work hand in hand with fintech companies with the hope of fostering innovation while protecting consumers...

Woman driving a sports car

Car Subscriptions: Which Manufacturer Will Become the Netflix of Vehicles?

Car subscriptions are on the rise, boasting convenience and new features. But are they worth the cost?

Mastercard Granted Blockchain Patent

Mastercard Patent Suggests Credit Card Company May Move Into Cryptocurrency

The credit card giant may be looking for a way to create synergies between fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

Credit Card Charge-Rates Are Troubling

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America Figures Hint at Consumer Credit Card Debt Problems

Big banks are giving up on trying to collect credit card debt from Americans at a higher rate than last year.

Walmart Rumored to be Considering Switching Partners

Walmart Considering Moving from Synchrony to Capital One, Increasing Competition with Amazon

The world's biggest retailer may shift its co-branded credit card business in an industry-defining move.

This woman knows how to rack up the rewards.

Credit Card Issuers Paying More Than Ever in Rewards

Is it worth it to start basing your spending around points and cash back?

Many small businesses would be impacted by the DFS's recommendations.

New York Calls for Increased Oversight of Online Lending

New York's Department of Financial Services is proposing new rules and regulations that would have a significant impact on the online...

Biometric Credit Card

New Biometric Card Hits the Market—But Will It Protect Consumer Identities?

A biometric credit card will soon be available to consumers, leading existing credit card users to ask whether this is the answer to the...

L.L. Bean to Partner With Citi

L.L. Bean Cuts Ties With Barclays and Visa

The Freeport, Maine, clothing and apparel company ends its relationship with Barclays and Visa.

United Inflight Sales Pitch

United Makes a Hard Sell on Their Credit Card to Inflight Passengers

The airline has enlisted its flight crews to push its credit card to a captive audience. Don't take the bait.

Floodwater surrounds homes

Coastal Property Owner? FEMA Might Not Bail You Out

Data shows a significant portion of homeowners may be banking on federal flood relief they'll never receive.