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Super Bowl Sunday Means Super Betting: Millions of Americans to Wager Billions

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned PAPSA, here are the states where Americans can place sports bets legally.

These avocados are also surprised

Millennials Think They’ll Have a Million in Savings By Age 45

The actual age most Americans see a seven-figure bank account is much later if at all.

Parents budgeting for both college and retirement

The Reason More Parents Are Less Eager to Pay for Their Kids’ College Education

A new poll shows parents are getting the memo about what they should prioritize.

Hopefully this couple and their real estate agent don't become victims of a wire transfer scam.

The FBI Has Issued a Warning About This Latest Real Estate Scam

Criminal hackers have devised a way to fleece you of your down payment.

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How the New 1040 Form Changes How You'll File Taxes

The trimmed-down document could be the only piece of paper you need this tax season.

The IRS federal building in Washington D.C.

IRS Union Warns Employee Absences Could Delay Tax Refunds

Hundreds of the agency's employees are skipping work because of the government shutdown, placing your refund in jeopardy.

Are you getting the most out of your insurance policy?

One-Third of Americans Never Re-Shop for Car or Home Insurance: Survey

Policyholders who don't revisit their insurance are leaving money on the table.

Do you know about this year's withholding penalties?

The IRS Will Waive Penalties For Forgetful Taxpayers This Year

Tax reform means some tax filers may be off the hook for underpayment penalties.

Time to fill out the tax forms

DIY Tax Filers Are Easily Distracted, and That May Cost Them Money

These are the things online tax filers are doing to make tax season more bearable.