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A woman prepping holiday gifts

Consumers at Risk of Holiday Scams

Lack of knowledge, failure to take precautions leaves many vulnerable

A Millennial checks their credit card spending

Fewer Consumers Making New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Money goals taking a back seat to health and wellness

A couple having coffee

Consumers Making Headway with Debt

Sticking to a personal budget cited as one of the biggest factors in success

home with for sale and sold signs

U.S. Housing Market Expected to Be Sluggish in 2020

Millennials expected to buy more homes than any other generation

charging stations for electric vehicles

Americans Lag Behind in Hybrid Vehicle Adoption

Consumers concerned about range, lack of charging options

A baby boomer hugging their rescue dog

Baby Boomers Helping to Fuel Pet Market

Percentage of boomers becoming pet owners outpacing other generations

A distracted driver on their cell phone

More Than a Third of Adults Confess to Holiday Shopping While Driving

Distracted driving, speeding among holiday threats

Cash bonus

Year-End Bonuses on Track to Grow or Remain the Same

52% of workers to put extra money toward long-term savings

A Gen Xer

Gen Xers Feel Less Wealthy Than Other Generations

Not having enough for retirement is their biggest concern

A solo traveler consults their map

Many Interested in Solo Travel, but Fear of Loneliness Is Prevalent

Half of respondents are looking for ‘me time’

A senior woman holding a cane

Nearly Two-Thirds of Caregivers Say Duties Affect Their Careers

Lost income, passed up promotions among the professional consequences