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Credit cards could soon be tougher to get.

Banks Tighten Standards for Credit Card Lending

A Fed survey reveals it may be harder to get a credit card—especially for millennials.

Discover Slashing Benefits

Discover Eliminates Price Protection

Discover's cardholders see another card benefit get slashed just a few months after losing numerous other benefits.

Photo of wildfire in California

Homeowners Are Losing Insurance Coverage After California Wildfires

Here's what to do if you've lost your coverage because your property’s been deemed too “risky.”

Seattle is one of the red-hot housing markets that is cooling down.

Is the Housing Market Slowdown A Signal You Should Buy?

A new report shows a ray of hope in some of the most desirable but once-unaffordable cities.

Buying travel insurance can help prevent your plans for a dream vacation from costing you a fortune.

Can Travel Insurance Save Your Vacation From a Natural Disaster?

The earthquake in Indonesia is a stark reminder that sometimes the unexpected happens.

Will these fans place a bet on this season's NFL games?

All Bets Are On for the NFL’s First Season of Legal Gambling

It may be legal take a gamble on football games, but here’s where you can actually do it.

A young couple reviews their taxes

One Out of Five Americans Is Going to Owe the Money to the IRS: Report

Here’s how to find out if you’re going to have to cut Uncle Sam a check.

A young woman reviews her credit score

Credit Awareness Is On the Rise, But Still Low Among Millennials

Despite this, a new study reveals millennials are more likely to take steps to improve their credit rating

A baby asleep in a rear-facing car seat

Nissan Rolls Out New Car Innovation To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

The rate of hot-car deaths among children remains the same despite an increase in awareness.

These audience members may need a replacement for MoviePass.

Frustrated with MoviePass? Here Are Your Alternatives

Whether you’re a MoviePass subscriber or a movie buff, here’s how you can still get a deal on going to the movies.

Baby and mother hold hands

Surprise! Now You Can Add Life Insurance to Your Baby Registry

A new baby registry cash fund aims to make it easier for new parents to get life insurance—through family and friends.