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Woman buying groceries at the super market

Why Middle-Class Americans Are Struggling to Put Food on the Table

A surprising 40% of Americans are having trouble paying for basic necessities like food, healthcare and housing, according to a new report

A woman with a piece of luggage at the airport.

JetBlue Raises Baggage Fees to Highest of Any Major Airline

This is how the airline's attempt to cut cost will hit your wallet at the airport.

A Chemistry student in the lab

10 College Degrees That Hold the Best Job Prospects

Wondering whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth it? For these in-demand careers, they are.

A young woman stresses out while researching homes on her laptop.

Why Millennials No Longer Think Buying a Home Is a Good Investment

For many, owning a home is no longer the ultimate American dream—here’s why.

A group of millennials enjoying themselves for now...but what about when they retire?

Millennials Would Rather Dine Out Than Save for Retirement: Report

A new survey shows many millennials spend a surprising amount on food and beverages.

How much did it costs the guests to attend this celebration?

How Much Will It Cost You to Attend a Wedding This Season?

Friendship doesn’t come cheap if you’re a wedding guest, according to a new study by The Knot.

Young professionals map out data infrastructure on a whiteboard

The Best Jobs in America in 2018—and Where to Find Them

Companies have increased hiring over the past year, but the job market in these cities is better than others.

A poor credit score

Millions of Americans Receive a Boost to Their Credit Scores

A change in how credit scores are calculated gave 8 million Americans an 11-point increase, on average.

A woman buys fresh produce from a grocery store

Aldi’s $5 Billion Expansion Means More Stores and More Organic Foods

700 new stores and an emphasis on fresh, organic foods are on the horizon for cost-conscious shoppers.

The TSA hopes 3D Scanners will cut down how long you wait in line.

TSA Tests 3D Scanners for Carry-On Bags at 15 Major Airports

Is a shorter line coming to an airport near you?

This baby's diaper may get a little more expensive.

How Parents Can Save in the Face of Disposable Diaper Price Hikes

The price of Pampers may be going up, but there are still ways to save on disposable diapers.