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A meal delivery

Slow Delivery, Cold Food Top Food Delivery Complaints

Customers also concerned with drivers eating some of their food

A father and his sons

Nearly Half of Parents Say They Weren’t Prepared Financially for Kids

Survey: Women more likely to feel unprepared for costs of parenthood than men

A woman grocery shopping

Consumers Have Little Patience For Brands

Many shoppers are quick to trash brands they don’t like, but younger adults are more forgiving

A woman and her dog

Millennials Hold Different Definition of American Dream

For younger adults, homeownership, steady job less important than financial freedom

A couple has a conversation over coffee

Most Uncomfortable Financial Topics: Student Loan Debt, Childcare Expenses

Survey shows consumers embarrassed to talk money in public, with partners and with professionals

College students in a classroom

Some Majors More Confident About Job Prospects

Business majors most optimistic, health care and STEM majors have best long-term outlook

A woman on her cell phone at the airport

Less Than a Quarter of Global Workers Disconnect From Work During Vacation

Americans most likely to leave their work gadgets at home

Aerial view of a neighborhood

Most Consumers Unhappy With Their Current Neighborhood

70% of adults would rather live in a different location

A stressed young woman looks over bills

Student Loans Cost More Than Basic Necessities for Some Families

A quarter of families with student debt spend more than 11% of income on school loans

Property destroyed by flooding

States Where Homeowners Are Most at Risk from Climate Change

We looked at the states most at risk from projected rising ocean levels, and how current weather events are leading to higher insurance...

Stock market data

Wealthy Consumers, Business Owners Increasingly Willing to Invest

Politics, national debt and healthcare costs remain top concerns