The Best Jobs in America—and Where to Find Them

The Best Jobs in America—and Where to Find Them

Companies have increased hiring over the past year, but the job market in these cities is better than others.
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The tech and healthcare industries are battling to supply the highest paying jobs in America this year, according to a recent report from Glassdoor, one the world's leading jobs and recruiting sites.

As shown by the report, the three highest paying job titles—physician, pharmacy manager and pharmacist—are all in healthcare. But the healthcare industry only snagged five of the top 25 spots. On the other hand, the tech industry claimed 13 of the 25 highest-paying jobs, two more spots than it did in 2017.

The 25 highest paying jobs in America in 2018

Job TitleMedian Base SalaryJob Openings on Glassdoor
Pharmacy Manager$146,4122,009
Enterprise Architect$115,9441,097
Corporate Counsel$115,580693
Software Development Manager$108,8791,064
Physician Assistant$108,7618,616
Software Engineering Manager$107,4791,105
Nurse Practitioner$106,96214,931
Software Architect$105,3291,130
Engineering Manager$105,2604,738
Applications Development Manager$104,048360
Plant Manager$103,8921,182
IT Program Manager$102,969218
Solutions Architect$102,1605,899
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager$102,155108
Data Architect$101,9001,472
Strategy Manager$101,7542,641
Systems Architect$100,9841,146
Scrum Master$98, 2391,876
Consulting Manager$97,1541,536
Cloud Engineer$96, 4491,077
Tax Manager$96, 1753,690
Data Scientist$96,1164,986
*Source: Glassdoor

While other tech jobs rank higher for base salary on that list, job seekers trying to land a role as a data scientist may have the most luck. As industries continue to rely on data to drive their businesses, demand for data scientists is increasing. Businesses need 151,717 more data scientists, nationally, according to a recent report conducted by career site LinkedIn. So while the shortage of people with software development skills is greater (212,838), the shortage of data scientists is growing more rapidly.

But despite this national shortage, there are several smaller cities with a slight surplus of data scientists:

CityNumber of surplus data scientists
Cleveland-Akron, Ohio1,206
Minneapolis, Minnesota832
Cincinnati, Ohio770
Greensboro-Winston Salem, North Carolina601
Kansas City, Missouri521
Milwaukee, Wisconsin430
Memphis, Tennesee331
Dayton, Ohio323
Birmingham, Alabama308
Louisville, Kentucky247

These cities could capitalize on this untapped talent, or these job seekers could consider moving to a major city with more opportunities for their skillset.

The five cities with the greatest shortage of data scientists are New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. These markets are also likely to pay above the median base salary.

What are the best job markets in the US?

Austin, Texas, topped the list as the hottest job market in America last month, according to LinkedIn's report. In July 2018, Austin posted a 14.3% increase in hiring year-over-year, compared to a 4.6% increase nationally.

Where are these new employees coming from? Nearby Houston supplied 10.5% of Austin's new professionals. But others made a longer trip: 7.6% of workers fled from long-standing tech haven, San Francisco, and 4.8% were New York City transplants.

This migration indicates the tech scene in Austin is maintaining its momentum, and is likely to provide a healthy job market for tech professionals in the years to come.

Denver, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee, gained the most new workers after Austin.

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