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United Inflight Sales Pitch

United Makes a Hard Sell on Their Credit Card to Inflight Passengers

The airline has enlisted its flight crews to push its credit card to a captive audience. Don't take the bait.

Floodwater surrounds homes

Coastal Property Owner? FEMA Might Not Bail You Out

Data shows a significant portion of homeowners may be banking on federal flood relief they'll never receive.

Traffic at an intersection

Nevada Increases Minimum Auto Insurance Limits. Should Other States Follow Suit?

The minimum amount of liability auto insurance required by most states has stayed the same for decades. The cost of collisions hasn't. Does...

It's getting harder out there to game the credit card system for rewards

American Express Makes it Harder to Game Its Rewards

A new stipulation added to its offer terms means Amex is serious about clamping down on card churning.

If this guy is using a Wells Fargo credit card, he won't be buying any bitcoin with it.

Wells Fargo Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Credit Card Purchases

The last holdout of the "Big Four" banks declines to allow its credit card users to purchase cryptocurrency.

West LA Traffic

Does Uber Make You Nervous? Snag Insurance for the Ride

Chubb Ltd. and Sure Inc. announce a new insurance policy for ridesharing passengers—but is it necessary?

Did the debt from this credit card just go up?

What the Fed's Interest Rate Hike Means for Your Credit Card Debt

Carrying a balance on your credit card just got a little more expensive.

A couple of Amex cards ready for action

American Express Stands Alone in Doubling Down on Benefits

While other issuers are cutting down on perks such as extended warranties and purchase protection, Amex goes all-in.

Sunken house

Could Private Companies Save the Flood Insurance Market?

Despite ongoing rate increases, the NFIP is drowning in debt. Could private flood insurance companies save it?

Legislature increases SBA 7(A) Lending Capabilities

New Law Could Expand SBA 7(a) Small Business Loan Program

This federal bill will allow the U.S. Small Business Administration to approve additional funding, beyond its congressional mandate, on an...

A woman's hand holds a selection of credit cards

Can I Use My Credit Card To Bet On Sports?

A recent Supreme Court ruling may have cleared a legal hurdle for sports betting, but the credit card industry needs time to adapt.