44% Plan to Travel Between October and December

44% Plan to Travel Between October and December

Many will be visiting family and friends who live out of town
Packing a suitcase

Consumers who have been putting off travel because of pandemic fears appear to be ready to venture back out again.

More than 4 in 10 Americans — 44% — are making plans to hit the road between October and December, according to new research by online travel booking platform Expedia.com.

Though the pandemic is nowhere near being over, some consumers have reached what Expedia calls their ‘tripping point,’ the time when they have an overwhelming desire to escape the day-to-day and get away for a while to recharge.

Reconnecting with family and friends

Many already have an idea of what type of trip they will embark on. When asked where they will travel first:

  • 27% said they will be visiting friends and family who live out of town
  • 24% said they will be exploring a location within the U.S. that they have never visited
  • 20% said they will be rescheduling a trip that had been planned for earlier this year

The type of trip consumers favor varies depending on how they spent their time during stay-at-home orders and quarantines.

  • Those who live alone or who moved in with parents or grandparents during the pandemic were most likely to be planning a luxury vacation with spa time and other perks
  • Parents were most likely to be checking out family-friendly locations
  • Couples without children were most interested in traveling to an all-inclusive resort

Since some states have travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s a good idea to do some research into where you can travel during the pandemic.

Unpacking the ‘tripping point’

Most respondents — 80% — said they eventually reached their ‘tripping point,’ the period when their desire to get away was overwhelming.

Among those who said they have reached their tripping point, nearly half — 46% — said their biggest desire was simply to get out of the house to experience new surroundings.

A quarter of respondents said their biggest need was for alone-time and space to get away from family or housemates.

Another 25% said the biggest reason they’d reached their tripping point was because they wanted to see friends and family who live elsewhere.

Though nearly half of consumers canceled trips this summer because of the pandemic, it didn’t take long to get tired of staying home and avoiding contact with others due to social distancing guidelines.

In fact, on average, consumers reached their tripping point only 27 days after stay-at-home orders were introduced. Nearly a quarter — 24% — said they reached their tripping point after just the first week of the stay-at-home orders.

To manage their feelings during that time:

  • 41% practiced self-care
  • 28% spent more time outdoors

For some respondents, planning a future trip helped them to cope with the frustration of being stuck at home as 20% said researching and thinking about future travel plans helped them make it through.

Methodology: Expedia commissioned market research firm OnePoll to survey 1,000 consumers between the ages of 18-45. The survey was conducted Sept. 24-25, 2020.