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New Jersey Skylands Insurance Reviews


  • Cheapest sample auto insurance premiums in New Jersey
  • Diverse offering of policy benefits for policyholders
  • Local independent agents in NJ


  • Policies limited to drivers in New Jersey
  • Customer service seems to be poor and is hard to get on the phone

Rewards Program

NJ Skylands takes a membership approach to auto insurance. Members have the choice of expanding their protection with two packages of enhancements: for savings, and / or for expanded limits. With their Auto Security Rewards program, policyholders can get additional savings on their collision deductibles, being safe drivers, and accident waivers. Through their Auto Security Bonus, NJ Skylands extends coverage to a broader array of features. For example, the insurer guarantees Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs for a model's first three years. This is a useful benefit because most insurers generally look to cover cheaper or refurbished parts from similar car models in an effort to save costs. This might not be the best fit for your vehicle, however, and result in ill-fitted repair work, and potential future visits to the repair shop.

Cheapest Car Insurance in NJ

In a survey of sample insurance premiums in the state of New Jersey, NJ Skylands had the cheapest car insurance rates. Rates for young single males, traditionally a demographic with costly insurance, are about 40% lower than the state average. Unfortunately, some policyholders report being unhappy with customer service. They note that getting in touch with company representatives is difficult, and the quality of customer service is poor. For quotes from various auto insurance providers, enter your zip code below:

Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

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Insurer Ratings

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Rating Not Rated
Better Business Bureau Review B+
Complaint Ratio per Vehicle (NJ, 2012) 0 / 28,806
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 0.28 (Better than Average)

Across the 29,000 vehicles insured by NJ Skylands, no complaints were submitted to the New Jersey Department of Insurance. This places the insurer in the top ranks of auto insurance companies in New Jersey. Out of 29 companies, NJ Skylands was one of nine insurers that didn't get any complaints. 

Sample Car Insurance Premiums

In a review of 56 auto insurance companies across five representative cities in the Hudson, Ocean, Monmouth, and Morris counties, New Jersey Skylands Insurance had the cheapest car insurance quotes on average in New Jersey. 

Here are four sample demographic profiles and rates; actual rates with NJ Skylands will differ depending on your particular situation and the type of coverage you seek. Auto insurance policies assume no accidents or traffic violations within the past three years, and limited right to sue. Specifics on the types of car and the coverage in each policy behind these sample rates are under the table.  

Driver Profile NJ Skylands State Average
Married couple, ages 30 - 49 $1,306 $2,307
Single Female, age 23 786 889
Single Male, age 23 1,322 2,254
Unmarried male, age 35 937 1,636
  • Married couple, ages 30 - 49, 2011 Ford Escape XLS 4x4 4-door utility driven to work for 10 miles or more each day, 2009 Chrysler Town and Country LX driven to work for 3 miles or less each day. Liability: Bodily Injury Limits $100,000/$300,000, Property Damage $25,000 (or combined single limit of $300,000). Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $250,000; $250 deductible. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Bodily Injury Limits $100,000/$300,000, Property Damage $25,000 (or combined single limit of $300,000). Comprehensive / Collision: $750 deductible each
  • Single Female, age 23, 2005 Buick Century Custom for work use (12,000 miles annually). Liability: No optional Bodily Injury coverage, Property Damage $5,000. PIP: $15,000. No physical damage coverage
  • Single Male, age 23, 2005 Buick Century Custom for pleasure use (< 3 miles per day), with anti-theft device discount. Liability: Bodily Injury Limits $15,000/$30,000, Property Damage of $5,000 (or combined single limit of $35,000). PIP: $250,000; $250 deductible. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Bodily Injury Limits $15,000/$30,000, Property Damage $5,000 (or combined single limit of $35,000). Comprehensive / Collision deductible of $750 each
  • Unmarried male, age 35, 2011 Ford Escape XLS 4x4 4-door utility for pleasure use (< 3 miles). Liability: Bodily Injury Limits $100,000/$300,000, Property Damage of $25,000 (or combined single limit of $300,000). PIP: $250,000; $250 deductible. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Bodily Injury Limits $100,000/$300,000, Property Damage $25,000 (or combined single limit of $300,000). Comprehensive / Collision deductible of $750 each 

How to File a Claim

To report a claim at New Jersey Skylands, dial the number below and follow the following prompts to get through to a representative.

Phone Number: 877-365-8693

  • Press 3 to report a new auto claim, or
  • Press 4 for existing claim or other claims questions

Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days per week 

Customer Service for New Jersey Skylands can be reached at 866-279-7688

About New Jersey Skylands Auto Insurance

New Jersey Skylands Insurance (NJSI) provides property-casualty insurance exclusively in the state of New Jersey. They sell policies through a network of independent agents spread throughout the state. 

Information and data as of Aug 2013

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