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Best for…
Min. Credit Score
First-Time HomebuyersHuntington Bank620
  • Largest branch network in Ohio
  • Most popular Ohio mortgage lender over the past 5 years
RefinancingPNC Bank620
  • Fifth most popular refinancer in the state
  • Second-largest branch network in Ohio
Online LoansQuicken Loans580
  • Third most popular lender in the state
  • Highest customer satisfaction rating from J.D. Power for 8 years in a row
VA LoansUSAA620
  • Most popular veteran-focused lender in the state
  • One of J.D. Power's top mortgage originators in 2018
Poor CreditUnion Home Mortgage Corporation580
  • Top-rated lender for minority groups, women and low-to-moderate income homebuyers by The National Community Reinvestment Coalition
  • Ohio Housing Finance Agency approved lender
Best for…
Min. Credit Score
Huntington BankFirst-Time Homebuyers620
PNC BankRefinancing620
Quicken LoansOnline Mortgages580
USAAVA Loans620
Union Home Mortgage CorporationPoor Credit580

Finding the best mortgage lender in Ohio depends on understanding which company will offer you the right combination of affordable interest rates, timely loan processing, and reliable servicing on payments. We found several lenders in the Buckeye State that represent ideal options in a number of different scenarios.

Best Mortgage Lender for First-Time Homebuyers: Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank is an excellent choice for homebuyers seeking experienced in-person services. It also has the benefit of being an Ohio Housing Finance Agency approved lender, which allows it to offer credits for down payments and closing costs to qualifying Ohio homebuyers.

Consider this if you're looking for a tried-and-true local mortgage lender with experienced staff.
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Good For…
Bad For…
  • People seeking a lender who offers in-person service and a proven track record
  • Borrowers who need down payment assistance
  • People seeking a variety of specialty mortgages
  • People who prefer a streamlined online application
  • Service quality may vary depending on branch location

Huntington Bank has over 489 branches located throughout Ohio, making it the most accessible lender in the state; it also came in third on J.D. Power's 2018 Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study. It's the state's most popular mortgage lender by a long shot, originating over 166,000 Ohio home loans over the past five years, according to S&P data. PNC bank came in a distant second with just over 80,600 originations over the same period.

Huntington has an excellent selection of mortgage loans for every type of first-time homebuyer, including VA, USDA and FHA loans. That means that you'll likely find what you're looking for, regardless of whether you're a veteran, rural homebuyer, or first-time buyer worried about their credit score. If Huntington Bank isn't your cup of tea, view our other recommendations for first-time homebuyers.

Best Mortgage Lender for Refinancing: PNC Bank

PNC Bank is our top pick for existing homeowners seeking to refinance or cash out on their homes thanks to its large branch network and breadth of home equity financing options. It's also the second most popular mortgage lender in the state according to S&P.

Consider this if you're looking for in-person service and a way to cash out on your home equity.
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Good For…
Bad For…
  • Existing homeowners exploring cash-out options
  • Online tools featured alongside traditional mortgage services
  • Lower rate of complaints vs competitors
  • Not particularly competitive when it comes to rates
  • Fewer opportunities to save on purchase mortgages

PNC refinanced more than 24,000 mortgage loans over the past five years; it also underwrote over 38,530 home equity loans, the second highest volume in the state. The lender boasts over 331 branches in Ohio alone, making it our second-most accessible lender for homeowners who prefer in-person service.

Not only does PNC offer home equity loans with terms that vary between 5 and 30 years, but it also provides a Home Equity Rapid Refinance for homeowners who want to minimize the closing costs they pay. The lender also offers a HELOC with a fixed rate lock option that helps insulate borrowers from rising interest rates.

Best Online Mortgage Lender: Quicken Loans

If you're curious about financing your home through an online lender, we suggest using Quicken Loans for its rapid approval process and legendary customer service. Quicken Loans received J.D. Power's highest award for customer satisfaction for 8 consecutive years in a row.

Consider this if you're looking to expedite your closing and want to customize your mortgage terms
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Good For…
Bad For…
  • People who want an expedited closing process
  • People comfortable with obtaining their home loan online and over the phone
  • Borrowers who prioritize customer service over rates
  • Homeowners seeking home equity products
  • Borrowers who want the lowest rate possible

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Quicken Loans offers almost every mortgage in the book and was also Ohio's top refinancer by volume over the past five years, according to S&P. The lender tops the list in terms of the number of FHA and VA loans it originates, and has quickly risen to become one of America's top mortgage lenders, surpassing industry leaders Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Homebuyers seeking a mortgage loan through Quicken Loans will have access to a dizzying array of customization options. Quicken's unique YOURGage product allows you to structure your new mortgage into any term you want, inside of 8 – 29 years, which presents plenty of flexibility for those seeking to optimize their monthly payments.

Best Mortgage Lender for VA Loans: USAA

USAA is our top VA lender in Ohio due to its strong-veteran focus and top marks for customer service. The company doesn't offer the lowest rates, but it provides services that many banks won’t offer, including a comprehensive network of real estate brokers and cash-back opportunities for existing members.

Consider this if you're looking for a lender with a strong military focus
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Good For…
Bad For…
  • Veterans who want to keep all their finances in one place
  • Borrowers looking for a lender that prioritizes veterans
  • Borrowers who also need assistance finding a home
  • People unaffiliated with the armed forces
  • Borrowers looking for the cheapest VA rates around

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USAA offers access to an exclusive network of real estate agents, trained to help military personnel find homes. Those who buy a house through the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network can qualify for up to $24,000 in rewards cash. The lender also received top marks from J.D. Power, outperforming nearly every major bank and mortgage company on its 2018 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study.

USAA is an excellent one-stop shop for any military personnel stationed at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base; it was the most popular veteran-focused lender in the state, based on the number of VA loans originated over the past five years. If you're shopping for a VA loan, it's a good idea to check where current VA rates are, and compare them to the quotes you receive from lenders.

Best Mortgage Lender for Poor Credit: Union Home Mortgage Group

Union Home Mortgage Group is a good choice if you're having trouble getting approved for a mortgage elsewhere. Although it isn't the most popular lender in the state, it originated the sixth-highest number of FHA loans in Ohio, which are loans specifically designed to help low-income/poor-credit borrowers qualify for housing.

Consider this if you're looking for a lender that gives back to the community
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Good For…
Bad For…
  • Borrowers with poor-to-fair credit
  • People who have trouble making large down payments
  • Rural homebuyers looking for a USDA loan
  • Borrowers with excellent credit profiles
  • People seeking the best terms for a conventional mortgage/home equity loan

Union Home Mortgage Group is an Ohio Housing Finance Agency-approved lender, which means that it's authorized to offer down payment and closing cost credits for qualifying homebuyers. Union Home Mortgage was also named one of the best lenders for minority groups, women and low-to-moderate income homebuyers by The National Community Reinvestment Coalition, making it one of the most equitable lenders in the Ohio market.

Union Home Mortgage puts less emphasis on conventional home loans, and instead, focuses on loans catering to traditionally disadvantaged markets, like FHA loans and USDA loans. If you're unsure as to whether Union Home Mortgage is right for you, you can also check out our other recommendations for FHA lenders.

Most Popular Home Loan Companies in Ohio

If you're shopping for a mortgage in Ohio, it's a good idea to use these companies to compare rate offers. Although these were the most popular lenders in the state, they may not have been selected among our top picks, as we compared each lender holistically. Listed below are the five most popular mortgage lenders in Ohio, based on the total number of residential home loans originated over the past five years.

Top 5 Biggest Ohio Residential Mortgage Lenders, 2013–2019

Mortgage originations
Average mortgage amount
1Huntington Bank166,697$134,946
3Quicken Loans68,431$136,120
4Union Savings Bank64,558$173,656
5Third Federal Savings & Loan58,775$130,290

Make sure you review each lender by comparing its records for customer service and unique loan programs in addition to interest rates. You should also consider any other factors for buying a home that matter to you, which may not have been covered in our reviews.

How We Chose the Best Mortgage Lenders in Ohio

While interest rates played a large role in our decision, we also reviewed each lender's unique terms and fees. When interest charges, fees and closing costs were viewed side by side, lenders who otherwise offered the same rate ended up thousands of dollars apart. This complexity explains why we rated lenders on multiple criteria:

  • Total cost: interest rates and closing costs
  • Product: terms, programs and specialty
  • Servicing: transparency, complaint data and branch network

The quality of a lender's customer service required more in-depth analysis. We highlighted any unique terms that a lender offered that were not common in the industry. For example, while almost every mortgage company offers conventional fixed-rate mortgages, fewer companies specialize in niche financing programs like USDA or FHA loans. We chose to emphasize these lenders where applicable.

We looked at customer service records and complaints from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to forecast the likelihood of issues arising during the lending process. We also evaluated the size of each lender's branch network as well as the depth of online lending platforms, which helped us measure accessibility. These items further influenced our recommendations when it came to customer service.

Mortgage Brokers Near Me in Ohio

Mortgage brokers shop for home loans on your behalf. They can help you compare home loans from multiple lenders using a single loan application and are an excellent resource for first-time homebuyers unfamiliar, or uncomfortable with shopping for home loans.

They're worth considering if you have troubling qualifying for a mortgage on your own, as they can access home loans that you may not have found on your own. Take a look at the table below to find a mortgage broker near you.

Phone Number
Franklin Financial Group755 Maidstone Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45230(513) 231-4927
Patriot Home Capital, LLC5005 Rockside Rd #600, Independence, OH 44131(216) 245-5363
Direction Mortgage649 Lancaster Pike, Suite 100, Circleville, OH 43113(740) 474-5999
3rd Street Financial Corporation.6964 Tylersville Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069(513) 769-4111
Secure Lending Incorporated707 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 220-4699
CREFCO Financial Group, Inc.23215 Commerce Park # 108, Beachwood, OH 44122(855) 572-4006
Western Ohio Mortgage Corp.733 Fair Rd, Sidney, OH 45365(937) 497-9662
Gold Medal Mortgage Inc37490 Harvest Dr, Avon, OH 44011(440) 934-2100
Brooker Mortgage Corporation10749 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136(440) 334-5269
Red Brick Mortgage314 Agler Rd, Columbus, OH 43230(614) 785-9900

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

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Get Multiple Mortgage Offers at Once
Get Multiple Mortgage Offers at Once
LendingTree can help you find and compare mortgage rates, all without affecting your credit.
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on LendingTree's secure website. NMLS #1136: terms and conditions apply