Best Mortgage Lenders in Arizona in 2018

Choosing the best mortgage lender in Arizona depends on the type of home loan that fits your priorities, including whether you want in-person services or a specific loan product. Find out which lenders stood out in Arizona or use the table of rates to find mortgage options.

LenderInterest RateAPRLoan FeesMonthly Payment
Valley West Mortgage4.500%4.537%$695.00$810.70
Sebonic Financial4.490%4.545%$1,026.00$809.75
ConsumerDirect Mortgage, a division of First Bank4.625%4.661%$675.00$822.62
JG Wentworth Home Lending4.750%4.766%$299.00$834.64

These rate estimates reflect the cost of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage for a $200,000 home purchase with 20% down payment and a 740 credit score in Arizona. For more options, you can see our top picks for the best lenders in Arizona based on common borrower mortgage requirements.

Best Mortgage Lenders in Arizona

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While mortgage rates change daily, we found only small variations in interest rate among Arizona's cheapest lenders. In the end, shopping for lenders purely by mortgage rate can lead you to miss other important differences between companies. Some lenders will be more experienced than others in providing particular loan types and others may be in a better position to offer brick-and-mortar service. Choosing the features and services you want in your mortgage helps you identify the best lender for your situation more effectively than jumping on the lowest rate you happen to find.

Best Mortgage Lender for First Time Homebuyers: Quicken Loans

Consider this if you need a transparent mortgage lender for your first home in Arizona.

Quicken's online-only mortgage originations represent the best combination of value and quality for a first-time homebuyer living in Arizona. In particular, Quicken's FHA loans struck a sound balance between reasonable interest rates and much lower down payments.

First-Time Purchase Mortgages in Arizona

LenderRateAPRMonthly P+I
Quicken Loans3.63%4.96%$880
Wells Fargo5.13%6.23%$1,051
Bank of America4.00%4.15%$921

Estimates for a $200,000 FHA purchase loan with 3.5% down payment and 740 credit score

Quicken's Rocket Mortgage is a nationwide platform for getting a mortgage online, and it produced the best quotes for an FHA loan based on our theoretical Phoenix homebuyer. On a fixed-rate, 30-year FHA home loan with Quicken, you can expect rates to be far lower than conventional options from any of the major brick-and-mortar banks in Arizona. While all these banks also have FHA loans available, they don't share any rate or fee details like Quicken does, which also illustrates the greater transparency you get with Rocket Mortgage.

Besides the greater affordability of its loans for first-time buyers, Quicken delivers the benefits of a high-quality service experience. While this isn't as easy to measure as mortgage rates or fees, JD Power's latest surveys of mortgage borrowers show Quicken at the top of the scoreboard in consumer satisfaction. The surveys gave the company high marks in loan servicing as well as the origination process, which suggests that you'll have strong support from Quicken both during and after your initial application.

Best Online Mortgage Lender: Guaranteed Rate

Consider this if you're looking for an online lender that provides a comprehensive website.

If you aren't buying your first home but still prefer to find information online about Arizona mortgage rates, then Guaranteed Rate is a great place to start your search. This company makes its product and rate information fast and simple to understand, thanks to a well-designed website and tool for inquiring users.

Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Loans

Loan TypeRateAPRMonthly P+I
30-Year Fixed3.99%4.30%$763
30-Year FHA Loan3.75%4.61%$754
30-Year VA Loan3.75%4.13%$741
15-Year Fixed3.38%3.55%$1,134
5/1 ARM3.50%4.08%$718

Estimates for a $200,000 purchase loan with 20% down payment and 740 credit score. The APR and monthly costs for ARMs can increase based on changes in the index rate

Few online lenders available in Arizona provide as much information as Guaranteed Rate does about your mortgage choices. Guaranteed Rate's array of conventional, government-backed and jumbo home loans ensures that most users will find at least one loan that's worth looking into. Beyond the website's spread of initial estimates, you can create an account to track the progress of your loan application and upload documents at your convenience. For customers who insist on speaking with a person, Guaranteed Rate also has representatives available by telephone.

While Guaranteed Rate didn't always come up with the best mortgage rates on our sample estimates, its rates weren't too far off the mark in any category. This lender's affordability also received a boost from its generous application of lender credits, which compensate borrowers with discounts on their closing costs. Guaranteed Rate's online-only lending model costs the company less to operate, giving it room to cut back on borrower fees. We recommend starting here if you want a quick overview of mortgage rates in your area.

Best Lender for In-Person Service in Arizona: Chase Bank

Consider this if you require a home loan lender that offers in-person service.

A ubiquitous brand in Arizona and beyond, Chase Bank is our choice as the most convenient mortgage lender for consumers who want a more personal, face-to-face loan experience. Chase's rates and fees are fairly standard, but it's the best option among the few mortgage lenders that run large networks of branch locations.

Mortgage Loans at Chase Bank

Loan TypeRateAPREstimated Monthly PaymentCost to Close
30-Year Fixed4.13%4.21%$679$4,149
20-Year Fixed4.00%4.10%$848$3,974
15-Year Fixed3.75%3.86%$1,018$3,799

Agency loan estimates for a $200,000 loan with 20% down payment and 750 credit score.

Chase's national presence is backed by thousands of branch locations, ATMs and one of the better online banking portals available to US customers. This makes it a great choice for Arizonans who want the reliability of mortgage services from an established lender. Having a branch in your area also means that you'll have access to a loan officer who is familiar with the area and the surrounding housing market. You won't necessarily have the benefit of a locally knowledgeable MLO if you apply for a loan with an online lender.

map of Chase branches in the US, by county

With its selection of home loans, deposit accounts and credit cards, Chase also works very well for borrowers who want comprehensive financial services in one place. However, keep in mind that such institutions aren't perfect. While Chase itself hasn't seen anything like Wells Fargo's massive customer abuse scandal, you should always make sure that your banker isn't trying to sell you on more financial products than you really need. Getting a mortgage rate discount thanks to your existing relationship with Chase is beneficial, but it shouldn't lure you into skipping your due diligence on the loan agreement as a whole.

Best Lender for a VA Home Loan: USAA

Consider this if you want a VA loan lender with reputable service and competitive rates.

For Arizona's veterans and active duty servicemembers, USAA had the best deal on a zero-down VA loan that we found using our standard criteria. Besides the excellent value of the loan itself, USAA upholds the high level of customer service that's common among mortgage lenders that cater specifically to members of the armed forces.

Best VA Lenders in Arizona

LenderMortgage RateAPRMonthly P+IEstimated Points and Fees
Quicken Loans3.63%4.09%$1,027$4,867
Navy Federal3.38%3.55%$995$9,315
Wells Fargo4.00%4.19%$1,074$3,084

Fixed-rate estimates for a 30-year VA loan of $225,000 with 0% down payment, 2.15% VA funding fee and credit score of 740

With no down payment required for qualifying applicants, getting a VA loan from a company like USAA is by far the most affordable path to buying a home as a veteran. For quotes based in Arizona, USAA's VA loan estimate struck the best balance of interest rate and upfront fees. While some lenders estimated a better rate or promised smaller loan fees, the inherent tradeoff between long-term and short-term cost means that lenders generally can't deliver savings on both ends. USAA's VA loans seem to control the rate without causing fees to skyrocket.

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