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2015 Safest Cities in Florida Study

Three of our Top 5 safest cities in Florida were located on beachfront sections of the state while the other two were only a few miles... Read More

2015 Safest Cities in New Jersey

*To account for factors such as population fluctuation during the summer months, we have revised our methodology. Please see below. ... Read More

The Safest Cities for Women in America: A Study

Discussions about women’s safety and comfort in the streets are becoming more and more common in the blogosphere nowadays. The jury is... Read More

2014 Safest Cities in Connecticut Study

Crime is a large factor in peoples’ decision-making process when selecting a place to live, and Connecticut is no exception. The analysts... Read More

The 10 Safest Cities in Kentucky

Here's the list of the safest cities throughout the state of Kentucky. Click to read more about where each town stacks up against the... Read More