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2016 Safest Places in Texas

by Susan Gulliford Almost five million Americans moved to Texas between 2005 and 2013, and you can bet finding a safe community was a... Read More

2016 Safest Places in California

by Susan Gulliford California is America’s mega-state; the population is higher than that of Canada. However, the desire for a safe... Read More

2016 Safest Places in Pennsylvania

by Susan Gulliford Founded by William Penn in 1681, Pennsylvania is a state rich in history. Visitors and residents alike can see where... Read More

2016 Safest Places in Florida

by Susan Gulliford If you had to guess what the third biggest state by population was in America, what would you say? If you answered... Read More

Best Cities to Retire

Life is full of achievements, from graduations to promotions and buying a house, all the way to retirement. It’s important for us to... Read More

2016 Safest Places in Michigan

by Susan Gulliford The ValuePenguin team analyzed the most recent FBI Crime Report to determine the safest places in Michigan. Nicknamed... Read More

2016 Safest Places in Ohio

by Susan Gulliford When people think about Ohio, manufacturing, farming and football usually come to mind. The ValuePenguin team... Read More

Best Cities for Music Fans in 2016

When it comes to seeing a favorite band in concert, people will go to extreme lengths: wait hours in line, hit redial over and over,... Read More