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Investing is important to your financial well-being, no matter when you start. Our resources for new investors will help you begin this journey.

Average Cost of Online Trading

We cover the main types of fees contributing to the cost to trade stocks through online brokerages. We included base trading fees, account management and services fees, and other miscellaneous fees to calculate the average costs.

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Average Fee

$ 8.90
$ 30.99
Broker-assisted fee
$ 32.50
Account maintenance fee

Beginning Investing

Investing is important to your financial well-being, no matter when you start. Our resources for new investors will help you begin this journey.

Choosing a Brokerage

Selecting the right brokerage can help you reduce fees, so you can earn more on your investments. Our guides and analysis will help make that process easier.

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Sector Analysis

We’ve conducted in-depth research on different industries and sectors so you can make better investment decisions.

New to Real Estate Investing? Advice from an Industry Expert

Thinking about investing in real estate? Click to read our interview with a real estate veteran about what new investors should do.

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Best Brokerages
and Robo-Advisors

Should you look for a brokerage with commission-free ETFs or one with a great sign-up bonus? Our articles will help you find the best brokerage or robo-advisor for your needs.

Investment Analysis News

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