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Insuring Your Dirt Bike Could Mean Avoiding A Financial Calamity

Dirt bikes are popular off-road vehicles enjoyed by adults and kids alike – manufacturers even sell scaled-down models designed for smaller riders. But no matter who is riding, it is important to consider insuring any dirt bike you own to avoid a financial calamity.

No matter how wealthy a dirt bike owner might be, it does not make sense to risk having one uninsured.

Contrary to what many owners might think, dirt bikes (and any injuries or damages related to them) are generally not covered by homeowners insurance. That means without a policy specifically for the two-wheel ATVs, an owner is vulnerable to paying for those things out of pocket.

Dirt bikes are relatively inexpensive. New ones intended for adult riders cost roughly $2,000 and smaller bikes for kids are even less. If someone were to steal your dirt bike, the cost to replace it might not impact your financial well-being. If it did, you could always choose not to replace it, too.

The major financial risk from not having dirt bike insurance stems from the liability of owning one. No matter where a dirt bike is stored, and whether someone has permission or not, an owner could be found liable for any injuries sustained while riding it. Like swimming pools and trampolines, dirt bikes tempt others to try them, regardless of their experience level.

Depending on the costs as a result of an injury (in addition to any court costs or damages ordered to pay) a dirt bike owner could find themselves facing thousands of dollars in expenses. A standard dirt bike insurance policy covers those costs, which could be insurmountable and financially devastating to some owners.

There is no independent insurance policy exclusively to dirt bikes. They are covered under most motorcycle insurance policies (which also cover mopeds and scooters). All of them include bodily injury and property damage liability, which cover any rider on the vehicle, and have a long list optional coverages.

Although the financial risk of opting not to purchase these coverages is not as great, there are two dirt bike owners should consider.

Like motorcycles, dirt bikes are susceptible to being stolen. To avoid replacing a stolen dirt bike out of pocket, some owners buy optional comprehensive coverage, which would replace a bike for the cost of a deductible. 

Owners are also frequently interested in medical payments coverage. The optional addition to a policy covers the cost of any rider or passenger's medical bills resulting from an injury while riding. Medical payments claims can be filed no matter who is at fault for an accident and act as supplemental coverage if a rider meets their health insurance coverage limit.

Michael Thrasher

Michael is a former research analyst at ValuePenguin covering property and casualty insurance, including homeowners and renters insurance.