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Villanova Management Information Systems (MIS) - Jeanette Ding

Jeanette is a senior, doubling-majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Finance with a minor in Business Analytics. She's... Read More

Nazareth College Communications - Q&A with Christine G. Adamo

Meet Christine G. Adamo. Christine is a Communications and Media major, with a minor in Digital Marketing and Design. She will be... Read More

Best College Baseball Programs of the Past Decade

The players aren’t being paid and the sport isn’t drawing in the most fans, but college baseball programs are multi-million dollar... Read More

William & Mary Finance - Elena Painter

Our newest installment for the 'Future of Finance' series finds us at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. There we spoke... Read More

Lasell College Finance - Christina Quintal

This past week we had the privilege of chatting with Christina Quintal from Lasell College. Christina is a Finance and Accounting Major at... Read More

Penn State University Statistics - Vishesh Karwa

Vishesh Karwa is pursuing his Phd in Statistics at Penn State and is scheduled to graduate in 2014. Prior to enrolling in the PhD program,... Read More

Kansas State University Statistics - Sijia Xiang

Sijia Xiang is Ph.D student in Statistics at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. She is scheduled to graduate from the program in... Read More

University of North Carolina Actuarial Science - Michael Jushchuk

Michael Jushchuk is an actuarial student at the University of North Carolina and will be entering his sophomore year this fall. Although... Read More