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Best College Baseball Programs of the Past Decade

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What Will The NFL's Longer PAT Cost Kickers and Teams?

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Slow to Success: David Price and MLB’s Pace of Play

David Price is the slowest-working pitcher in a game that is volunteering itself to get faster, and he and his Cy Young Award might get... Read More

Comcast and Time Warner: Not Much Overlap At All

Using data from, we created an interactive visual of Comcast and Time Warners geographic coverage areas. The visualization... Read More

Tackling the Data of NFL Player Arrests

Being a football player doesn’t necessarily mean you will be arrested and being arrested doesn’t necessarily mean you will be found... Read More

How Efficiently MLB Teams Spend on Player Salaries

Baseball is finally back, or at least it will be on April 6. In anticipation of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, ValuePenguin took a... Read More

Geographical Variations In Health Insurance Pricing and Coverage

Using health insurance marketplace data we compiled to create our pricing and quoting tools, we created an interactive data tool to map... Read More