Intuit GoPayment: Is It The Best Mobile Option?

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Intuit GoPayment: Is It The Best Mobile Option?

Decent mobile credit card processor for selling small-ticket items

Good for

  • Businesses in need of only mobile credit card processing
  • Firms already using Quickbooks for accounting purposes

Bad for

  • Companies with average per-sale ticket below $30
  • Those looking for POS and e-commerce solutions in addition to mobile processing

Editor's Rating


Intuit GoPayment is a mobile credit card processor that offers some of the lowest prices we’ve seen for businesses that on average process payments over $30. If you’re a small shop and each sale is well below that $30 threshold, you’ll pay less with other credit card processors, like Square.

Note: We came across various reports online saying Intuit charges their customers more than the sticker price advertised on their website. We were unable to corroborate these reports, though this doesn't mean they are untrue. One thing we did observe was some contradictory information on some of Intuit's other payment processing products. We advise consumers to approach with caution, obtain quotes whenever possible, and monitor their monthly statements and the fees they pay.

Review: Should You Get Intuit GoPayment for Credit Card Processing?

Intuit’s GoPayment is one of the most affordable mobile payment solutions available to businesses with average ticket sizes above $30. Note that we came across various reports online of the company charging additional fees on top of what has been disclosed on their website. However, we were unable to verify these claims when speaking to company representatives.

Good For…Bad For…
Businesses in need of only mobile credit card processingCompanies with average per-sale ticket below $30
Firms already using Quickbooks for accounting purposesThose looking for POS and e-commerce solutions in addition to mobile processing

Most small business owners will do best when choosing the ‘Low monthly rates’ plan that charges a $20 monthly fee. Though you pay more per-month, you pay substantially less per swipe – 1.6% versus the 2.4% on the pay-as-you-go plan. Unless your business does less than $2,500 in monthly sales, paying the annual fee makes sense. The $0.25 fee tacked on to each transaction makes this processor costly for those who frequently go through small ticket items. If that describes your business, we recommend going with a processor like Square, which charges a flat 2.75% fee.

You don’t need to have a Quickbooks account to use Intuit GoPayment, though having one can result in various discounts. For example the per-swipe fee for those with a Quckbooks Online account goes down to 1.5%, with the ‘Low monthly rates’ plan. One of the other advantages of having Quckbooks with GoPayment is the fact that you can link your accounts and easily import your sales into the accounting software.

Bottom Line: Intuit GoPayment is a cheap and straightforward mobile credit card processor. While we don’t recommend using Intuit’s other payment processing services, like their point of sale services, this is a good solution for those who only want to process payments on the go.

Intuit GoPayment Fees, Features & Benefits

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Intuit GoPayment Card ProcessingDetails
Transaction Cost
  • Pay-as-you-go: 2.4%
  • Low monthly rates plan: 1.6%
  • Keyed rate: 3.4 - 3.2%
Transaction Fee$0.25
Monthly FeeNone (Pay-as-you-go), $20 (Low monthly rates)
Monthly MinimumNone
Card Reader Options
  • Mobile Reader: Free
  • USB Reader: $79 each (no EMV Option)

Intuit GoPayment credit card processing offers a variety of payment packages, some of which are available only to those who use Quickbooks software. We obtained quotes for several different versions of software, including the desktop and online editions. There was not much variation n the per-transaction cost. The only noticeable change was for Quickbooks Desktop users who earn a 0.1-point price drop on swiped transactions.

For those interested in more than just mobile payment processing, Intuit offers other solutions as well – point of sale and eCommerce. However, when it comes to these other packages, the prices tend to be significantly worse. Moreover, we found contradictory pricing information about these other solutions on Intuit’s website.

Note that the version of Intuit GoPayment with no monthly fee also comes without PCI compliance included. This leaves the business exposed to potential fees for fraudulent charges made. You can add PCI compliance in for an additional $9.95 per month. However, at that point you need to make less than $1,250 in sales each month for it to still make sense to get over the other plan.

How Much Can Intuit GoPayment Cost Your Business

Intuit displays all their pricing information online, which allows us to run it through a couple of simulations and show you the approximate costs associated with it. However, reading through various reports online, we found some claims that Intuit may be hiding some fees and costs from users. Therefore, take these estimates with a grain of salt. We were unable to find any hard confirmations, and after speaking with multiple company representatives, they all pointed to the fee schedule on their website as the only one.

In this simulation, we assumed you chose the Pay-as-you-go plan. For the purposes of a comparison, we also attached the estimated cost of using Square in each case.

Monthly Sales$20 Average Sale$50 Average SaleSquare

How Does Intuit GoPayment Compare to Other Credit Card Processors?

We decided to see how Intuit GoPayment compares against other credit card processors, so that you may come to a better informed decision. You should ultimately always shop around and consider different options when choosing a processor for your business. This will guarantee you get the best value possible.

Intuit GoPayment vs Square

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Square is a significantly cheaper credit card processor for businesses where the average sale is below $20-$30, at sufficiently low sales volumes. If you’re transacting over $16,000 per month, this advantage begins to break down and the savings you get from Intuit’s low per-swipe fees trump Square. However, until you meet that threshold, we recommend going with Square.

Apart from these costs, we are big fans of Square’s other business solutions. This includes their online payment processing. If you wanted to have a full package like that through Intuit GoPayment, you’d need to first sign up for another service. When it comes to online transactions, these can cost upwards of 3.4% through GoPayment – significantly more than what Square charges.

Square Highlights

  • 2.75% per swiped transaction (includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex)
  • 2.9% + $0.30 per online transaction
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Square Review

Intuit GoPayment vs PayPal

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The advantages PayPal holds over Intuit GoPayment are similar to those we described for Square above. Due to a fixed 2.7% fee on payments, with no added dollar cost, PayPal will be cheaper for businesses dealing with small ticket items. However, if you charge your customers anything above $30, that advantage begins to disappear.

The major disadvantage some see with PayPal is that it deposits your sales into a PayPal account. If you want your money transferred to a bank account, this process will generally take longer with PayPal than with other payment processors, since you will need to transfer your funds from your online account to a bank.

PayPal Highlights

  • 2.7% per US card swipe
  • 2.9% + $0.30 per online transaction
  • Limited card reader options
  • PayPal Review