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Best Cities for Dentists

Few people actually like going to the dentist, although 62% of American adults (ages 18 to 64) made at least one visit in 2013, according... Read More

Professor Talk: Teaching at Pharmacy School

Dr. Rabia Atayee got a head start. "After working in the lab as a high school student for two summers, I thought, 'I need to talk to people... Read More

What It's Like Being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Simply saying that Lisa Cimperman is a registered dietitian (RD) wouldn't be a fair description of her actual job. She's not just advising... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Web Developer at a Startup

If you were alive and looking for work when the U.S. was building its railroads, there was a good chance you ended up a laborer, perhaps an... Read More

What It's Like Being a Veterinarian

For your pet, a veterinarian is part healer and part advocate. For you? She is part therapist, perhaps even friend, helping to make the... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Personal Injury Lawyer

A lot of careers are known by their pejoratives. Few have one worse than that of personal injury lawyers. After all, these are highly-... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Tax Attorney

There are many definitions of the so-called tax attorney. John J. Scroggin prefers this one: "someone who solves a problem you didn't know... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Major League Baseball Bullpen Catcher

The average length of a Major League Baseball playing career is just shy of six years. Casey Chavez has worn the cap and the jersey – shoot... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Firework Pyrotechnician

Look up into the sky on Independence Day and New Year’s, maybe even during wedding and graduation ceremonies, and there’s a chance you’ll... Read More