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Being a Police Chief - Career Talk

It can be argued that police officers are a prideful bunch. After all, they face tougher and more dangerous situations than most... Read More

Being a Foreign Language Teacher - Career Talk

When someone asks Brooklyn, New York-based teacher Sayo Yamaguchi about what she does for a living, she is direct, to the point: "I'm a... Read More

Professor Talk: Researching and Teaching Literacy

In 1975, a researcher named Dan C. Lortie introduced a seemingly novel concept about the preconceived notions of aspiring teachers. Most of... Read More

Career Talk: Being an Entry-level Graphic Designer

When was it that you knew exactly what you wanted to do professionally? Comedian Woody Allen, for one, began writing jokes at 15. Supreme... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Creative Director at a Small Agency

There is art in advertisement, even if it's trying to sell you something. A magazine page, a billboard or a banner, even a restaurant menu... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Web Developer at a Startup

If you were alive and looking for work when the U.S. was building its railroads, there was a good chance you ended up a laborer, perhaps an... Read More

Career Talk: Being an Executive Chef

Rise up the ranks, and you're probably sitting in conference rooms talking, not at your desk creating. This is the dilemma of the modern-... Read More

What It's Like Being a Veterinarian

For your pet, a veterinarian is part healer and part advocate. For you? She is part therapist, perhaps even friend, helping to make the... Read More

Career Talk: Being a Family Lawyer

We all have job titles. Some of us are senior something or other. Some are associates of this or that. But aren't they all just fancy ways... Read More