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Going to School to Be a Veterinarian -- Professor Q&A

This interview with Dr. Susan C. Nelson, a clinical associate professor at Kansas State University, was condensed for clarity. To... Read More

Going to School to Be an Audiologist -- Professor Q&A

I graduated with my Master’s degree, which was the required degree at the time. So I became licensed, and certified, and so forth. I worked... Read More

Going to School to Be a Mental Health Counselor -- Professor Q&A

When A. Keith Mobley made the switch from mental health counselor to educating the next generation of counselors, he made a discovery. "... Read More

Teaching Actuarial Science - Professor Talk

Some have unfairly said that those who can, do and those who can't, teach. In Ian Duncan's case, he had already done so much that it was... Read More

What's It Like Being an NCAA Basketball Coach?

"Most people, they think it’s a really cool job. I have friends say, 'I’d love to be able to do that,'" O'Hanlon, the head men's basketball... Read More

What It's Like Being an Auto Technician

"Most of the guys that went to school with me say, 'We all thought you’d grow up to be a doctor or something,'" Malone, who works for Menke... Read More

Being a Foreign Language Teacher - Career Talk

When someone asks Brooklyn, New York-based teacher Sayo Yamaguchi about what she does for a living, she is direct, to the point: "I'm a... Read More

Professor Talk: Researching and Teaching Literacy

In 1975, a researcher named Dan C. Lortie introduced a seemingly novel concept about the preconceived notions of aspiring teachers. Most of... Read More

Career Talk: Being an Executive Chef

Rise up the ranks, and you're probably sitting in conference rooms talking, not at your desk creating. This is the dilemma of the modern-... Read More