Nurse Practitioner

Patients stuck on seeing the doctor should take solace in that Nurse Practitioners are also highly-educated medical professionals who can prescribe, specialize and start their own practice. There are more than 135,000 of these RNs-turned-NPs, and their role is as important as ever.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Comparison

Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurses
Physician Assistants

Top Schools

1Johns Hopkins University
2University of Pennsylvania
3University of California—​San Francisco
4Duke University
5University of Washington

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What separates a great nurse practitioner from an average one?

"You have to realize that the real learning begins after school ends. The great nurse practitioners are continually learning new knowledge every day. It is reading a journal article, attending a conference or researching a patient's condition while on the job. I feel that I am truly learning something new every day."

Shamika Brooks, RN-BSN, MSN-FNP

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