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ValuePenguin's team of experts analyzes the top products available to give you curated recommendations, whether you're looking for a new car insurance policy, travel credit card, or simply a cheaper option for health insurance. 

10 Largest Auto Insurance Companies (May 2021)

The largest car insurance company by market share is State Farm with 16% market share. Geico is a close second, and the 10 largest auto... Read More

Best Banks in Ohio 2021

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Would You Pay $9,732 More Per Year to Subscribe to a Car?

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12 Best Rewards Credit Cards of May 2021

The reigns as the best rewards credit card for its 50% redemption bonus when booking travel and high-potential rewards rate. Read More

Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance

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Credit Cards for Teens: Best Options and What You Should Know

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Best Banks in Virginia 2021

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How to Find and Buy Cheap Car Insurance Online

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Best Mortgage Lenders in New Jersey

In New Jersey, searching for the best mortgage lender will lead you to different answers based on what your financing requirements look... Read More

Best Credit Cards With Extended Warranty

Credit card extended warranty lengthens the time of your original manufacturer's warranty, saving you hundreds of dollars in case of a... Read More

The Best HSBC Credit Cards 2021: Which One Should You Get?

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Best Mortgage Lenders in California

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Best Mortgage Lenders in Texas

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Best Life Insurance Companies: Top Term and Whole Life Insurers in 2021

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Best Life Insurance for Seniors: Affordable Options for All Ages

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance: Cheap Term & Whole Life Insurance Without a Physical

No medical exam life insurance, also called simplified issue, lets you purchase coverage without a physical or blood and urine tests. Find... Read More

A Parent Dying Early Can Raise Your Life Insurance Rates by 41%

ValuePenguin found that a person who themselves is in perfect health would pay premiums for term life insurance that are 41% higher on... Read More

Best Mastercard Credit Cards of 2021

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Best United Airlines Credit Cards of May 2021

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The Michigan No-Fault Law and Rising Auto Insurance Rates

Since 2011, Michigan has experienced the second highest auto insurance rate increases of any state. Across the state's largest insurers,... Read More

7 Best Credit Cards for Everyday Use - May 2021

The is the best credit card for everyday use. Earn cash back for spending in a variety of categories. Read More

Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping 2021

Online shopping can be downright convenient, saving you the time you’d spend and the stress you’d endure shopping normally in a store.... Read More

Thanks Janet Yellen: Fed Rate Hike Helps More Than Hurts Americans

Americans will earn more money on their savings than they'll pay through higher interest rates on credit cards and home lines of credit... Read More

Average Cost of Flood Insurance 2021

We found that federally-backed NFIP flood insurance typically costs $708 per year. Find out what factors affect both NFIP and private flood... Read More

Countries Where The Platinum Card from American Express Is The Most And Least Extravagant

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Best Student Savings Accounts May 2021

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Best Banks for International Travel 2021

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The Best Military Banks and Credit Unions of 2021

The best military banks and credit unions offer exclusive rates and benefits to service members. Click to compare checking and savings... Read More