Trying to pick a bank account is a bit more complicated than your typical shopping decision—so we've read through the fine print for you. These articles present the results of our research in clear and simple language.

Best Savings Account Rates

Because everyone has slightly different needs, we always present a range of options in each area. The following deposit accounts offer the highest interest rates available.

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Best Checking Accounts

From buying coffee to paying rent, we depend on checking accounts to cover all kinds of expenses. We've sorted through fees, rules and rates to help you determine which one makes sense for your situation.

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Banking Statistics: Rates and Balances

We've used government surveys and other data to explore the history of the average interest rate and balance for each kind of bank account in the U.S.

Understanding Bank Accounts and Fees

Deposit accounts come with all sorts of jargon in their contracts. These articles should help you understand what goes on with different account types, bank fees and withdrawal limits.

Banking News

Why You Should Have a Savings Account

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Best Checking Accounts in 2022

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Wire Transfers: What Are They and How Much Do They Cost?

Wire transfers are a method of sending money from one bank account to another quickly and securely. A typical wire transfer costs $14 to $... Read More

Bank Overdraft Fees: What are They and How Much Do Banks Charge?

When you spend more money than you have available in your bank account, that account goes into a state of negative balance, called... Read More

What is APR and APY, and What's the Difference?

Banks use both APR and APY in advertising their deposit accounts and loan offers, but there's a key difference in the way they calculate... Read More

Savings Account Fees: What They Are and How Much They Cost

The terms and conditions of your savings account can hide dozens of fees that chip away at the interest you're earning. Here's how you can... Read More

Checking Account Fees: How Much Are They and How Can They Be Waived?

Most checking accounts come with a variety of fees: monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, wire transfer fees and more. We evaluated... Read More