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Average Cost of a Weekend Getaway in the Hamptons

Average Cost of a Weekend Getaway in the Hamptons

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With summer well underway and the heat in the city getting worse every day, a weekend getaway to the Hamptons sounds like heaven. We were curious about just how much a weekend in the Hamptons would set you back. Are you thinking about booking a trip to the Hamptons next month? We compiled the average costs of transportation, lodging, food, alcoholic beverages, and entertainment costs in the Hamptons.

Average Cost of Weekend in Hamptons

We calculated that the average cost of a weekend in the Hamptons (specifically Southampton and East Hampton) for a couple would be $2,081 this summer. We based the costs off of what we envisioned a typical couple would want to do in the Hamptons. Depending on where you're staying, your method of transportation, and your method of food preparation, the average cost of your vacation weekend in the Hamptons could vary.


Total Cost for Weekend
Cost per Person

Transportation: renting a car through Hertz


Lodging: two nights in a private Airbnb house


Food: five meals at restaurants with a range of prices


Alcoholic Beverages: four cocktails per person each night


Entertainment: beach day passes, a wine tasting at a local vineyard


Total Cost for Our Couple


Transportation: Getting There

There are many different ways to get from the humid sidewalks of NYC to the sandy dunes of the Hamptons. Even though driving out to the Hamptons is a pain, it's pretty essential to have a car so that you can explore the different beaches, towns, and vineyards. Our sample couple doesn't own a car, so they decided to rent a Toyota Corolla for the weekend from Hertz for $357.

If driving isn't for you, or if you want to get the party started on the road without having to worry about a designated driver, these are other ways of getting to the Hamptons in style. Keep in mind that if you don't have access to a car when you arrive in the Hamptons, you'll have to rely on cabs that tend to be on the pricier side.


Round Trip Cost
Notes & Perks


Hampton Jitney$56.00Bought in advanced; water, snacks, and wifi


Hampton Ambassador Bus$80.00Reserved seat, wine, and wifi


LIRR Montauk Line$48.75The convenience of Penn Station


Cannonball - Regular$46.75Direct service to the Hamptons


Cannonball - Reserved$90.75Reserved seat and at-seat bar service


Your own carGas and tollsNearly free!


Renting a car at Hertz$357.00Reserved from Friday at 5 pm - Sunday at 5 pm


Gotham Air$1,150.00Flying past all that traffic; duration of 35 min


Blade$900.00Book seats on a smartphone app; duration of 35 min

Now that you've got your transportation sorted out, you're one step closer to the Hamptons. We assumed that someone visiting the Hamptons would stay for Friday and Saturday night, and leave on Sunday afternoon.

Lodging: Home Away From Home

There are two popular options for lodging when you're going out to the Hamptons for a weekends (if you don't have a friend with a house): you can stay in a hotel, or you can search for a room or entire house to rent through or

We thought the most enjoyable option for a couple would be to rent a house through Airbnb - that way you could have your own personal space and feel more at home than in a hotel room. The average price for renting an entire house for a weekend in Southampton or East Hampton through Airbnb for two people was $920. The cost per person would be $460. However, the cheapest option for a couple is to book a private room in a house through Airbnb, which would come out to approximately $605 for the weekend, or $302 each. Renting a private room through Airbnb is 30% cheaper than the average cost of lodging in the Hamptons.

In some ways, hotels can be more convenient because you could be closer to the downtown area. The price for a hotel room for two would be $933 for two nights, which is only slightly more expensive than the cost of renting an entire house to accommodate two through Airbnb.

You might think the cheapest option for lodging in the Hamptons would be to rent a big house with a bunch of your friends. Most large houses in the Hamptons can accommodate approximately 8 people. The average cost per person for a house, booked through Airbnb, that can accommodate 8 people is $491 for the weekend, which is actually 14% more than the average cost for lodging.

Total for 2 Nights
Cost per Person
Private room booked through Airbnb$604.67$302.33
Private house (accommodating 2) booked through Airbnb920.25460.13

Hotel room for 2 booked through


Private house with group booked through Airbnb


Average Cost


Food & Meals

The Hamptons are known for having some of the best restaurants on Long Island. It would be a shame to miss out on Hamptons' classics such as 1770 House Restaurant, Cittanuova, Estia's Little Kitchen, Tutto Il Giorno, Golden Pear Café, and Nick and Toni's.

Our analysis of food costs is based on the type of restaurants we thought vacationers would be eating at depending on the meal. For example, we assumed that visitors to the Hamptons would want to eat at casual restaurants for breakfast and lunch and more expensive, upscale restaurants for dinner. Based on these types of restaurants, we estimated that you would spend a total of $230 per person on food when eating out for five meals: a late dinner on Friday night, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday.

The meal prices are based on the estimated cost of meals in the Zagat ratings of Hamptons restaurants, as well as the menus of various Hamptons establishments. For example, popular restaurants for breakfast and lunch in the Hamptons are in the $8-30 price range, whereas more expensive restaurants that are popular dinner spots are usually in the $30-80 price range.


Type of Restaurant
Cost per Person

Friday night late dinner


Saturday breakfast


Saturday lunch


Saturday dinner


Sunday brunch


Total Cost for Our Couple


If you're staying in a house, you could save money by grilling up some fresh fish and vegetables from farm stands.

Alcohol / Entertainment

Most people visit the Hamptons for a good time, and weekend visitors should definitely take advantage of the nightlife. As you might have expected, drinks are pretty expensive in the Hamptons. We looked through drink menus from different bars, lounges, and nightclubs to discover what the average price of a beer, glass of wine, and cocktail is in the Hamptons.

Types of Beverages

Cost per Person







Buying 4 cocktails during a night out will set you back $64, and if you do that both nights you're in the Hamptons, you'll end up spending $128 per person.

Another option is to dance the night away at 1Oak, 75 Main, Montauk Beach House, or Southampton Social Club. Reserving tables at the Southampton Social Club or 1Oak, for example, start at $1,000 to $2,000 for basic bottle service, and can easily increase in cost as the night goes on.

Beaches are an essential part of the true Hamptons experience, as are vineyards, art galleries, and shopping. We factored the cost of day passes to different beaches and the cost of a wine tasting session into the total cost of a weekend in the Hamptons for our couple. Most wine tasting rooms charge $5-20 for a demi tasting and $12-$21 for a grand tasting. Most art galleries have free admission, and shopping costs will depend on how much you want to spend. A trip to the Montauk Point Lighthouse can be a nice change of scenery as well, and costs just $10 per person for the admission ticket.

Cost per day
Cost per weekend
Cost per couple



Wine Tasting


Total Cost for Our Couple


Ways to Save Money

The key to saving money on your weekend getaway to the Hamptons is to book far, far in advance - ideally the winter. You can already book hotels in the Hamptons for next summer, and in fact, a number have already been reserved. One of the reasons why lodging costs so much is because there's such high demand.

If you're staying in a private room or in a house that you've book through Airbnb or another site, you could cook some meals instead of going out for every meal. Because alcoholic beverages are so expensive at bars and restaurants, you could bring a cooler filled with a couple six packs to the beach during the day instead of buying from vendors.

There aren't many ways to save money on the cost of transportation unless you or a friend owns a car. If you're renting a car to travel to the Hamptons with a group, you could split the cost of a car rental four or five ways.


When approaching this cost analysis, we went through the process of accumulating data as if planning our own getaway to the Hamptons. We chose to plan a month in advance, and search for deals on and Airbnb for the weekend of Friday August 7th to Sunday August 9th. Given that many lodging options in the East Hampton were booked through September, we widened the research to include Southampton, East Hampton's neighbor.

To calculate the average amount that one might spend on food and drinks, we looked at price ranges for Hamptons restaurants on and viewed menus for different restaurants to gauge different prices for different types of restaurants. We repeated this for bars and lounges in the Hamptons to find the average cost of different alcoholic beverages. Additionally, a large expense for those interested in nightclubs and lounges would be cover charges, which are not published online.

Most beaches in the Hamptons require both residents and non-residents to pay a day pass or for a permit for the season. Popular beaches in East Hampton such as Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach only make 40 day passes available on the weekend. Other than going to the beach, we thought that popular activities would be going to wine tastings and art galleries, shopping, and checking out the nightlife.

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