Defensive Driving Courses in Pennsylvania

Defensive Driving Courses in Pennsylvania

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Defensive driving courses can teach motorists how to safely operate a car — and can potentially help drivers score a discount on their auto insurance.

The details vary in each state. In Pennsylvania, car insurance companies provide discounts for drivers who are at least 55 years old. Pennsylvania has the third-largest population of senior citizens in the U.S., which means plenty of residents can shave a few dollars off their insurance premiums.

You can take the Basic Mature Driver Improvement Course to get a 5% auto insurance discount, then take the Refresher Mature Driver Improvement Course every three years to maintain that discount. Always check with your insurer before registering for a class to see if you qualify.

Mature-driver improvement course in Pennsylvania

Mature-driver improvement courses help drivers understand how aging affects driving and how roads have changed. Participants will learn about issues that impact senior drivers, such as the top five causes of senior-related crashes and how to avoid them, the effects of medication on driving, and safe practices for the road. Drivers will also learn about any updates to motor laws.

There are two types of mature driver improvement courses, and they can be taken online or in a classroom:

  • Basic course: The basic course is seven hours long and split into two days. If you take this course, be sure to get your certificate of completion and hand it to your insurer. This serves as proof you took the course so you can get your discount.
  • Refresher course: This four-hour refresher course covers all items taught in the basic class. Your insurer will need the certificate of completion for this course, too, and you'll need to retake the course every three years to renew the discount.

Where can I take a mature-driver improvement course in Pennsylvania?

Basic courses and refreshers cost the same with the same provider. If you are an AARP member interested in taking an improvement course, AARP offers the most affordable option. If you are not an AARP member, Seniors for Safe Driving also provides cheap classes. Below is a table of courses listed by provider.




RoadWise Driver (AAA)*

$25.00 – 30.00$15.95 – 19.95$25.00 – 30.00$15.95 – 19.95


15.00 – 20.0017.95 – 21.9515.00 – 20.0017.95 – 21.95

Seniors for Safe Driving



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*Members of these organizations are charged the lower numbers in the price range, while nonmembers pay the higher end of the price range.

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