Cheap Auto Insurance In Potosi, Missouri

Curious about how much you could save on auto insurance premiums? We've compiled a list of sample quotes for consumers in Potosi, Missouri. How do rates in Potosi compare to the rest of the state? Use our data to take a look at which insurance companies have the cheapest premiums in your area.

Potosi, Missouri Auto Insurance Agents and Agencies

Use our directory of local insurance agents and agencies to find contacts to help with your search for auto insurance in Potosi.

Ea-tec Insurance Llc
531 Benham St
Bonne Terre Mo 63628
Phone: 573-358-7020
Tec Insurance Llc
531 Benham St
Bonne Terre Mo 63628
Fax: 573-358-1511
Phone: 573-358-7020
Ron Graham Insurance Agency
119 Union St
Leadington Mo 63601
Fax: 573-431-9356
Phone: 573-431-4999
Ray Matthes Insurance Consultants Inc
106 N Main St
De Soto Mo 63020
Phone: 636-337-0015
First State Insurance Agency Inc
204 E Liberty St
Farmington Mo 63640
Fax: 573-756-2762
Phone: 573-756-6741
Email: [email protected]
Wright Financial Inc
1980 Old Buck Creek Rd
Festus Mo 63028
Phone: 636-931-2121
Fcnb Insurance Services Inc
1 First Community Pl
Sullivan Mo 63080
Fax: 573-468-3808
Phone: 573-468-3141
Alternatives Insurance Agency
664 N Creek Dr
Festus Mo 63028
Fax: 636-931-2453
Phone: 636-931-2425
Five Star Insurance Agency Inc
215 E Main Street
Festus Mo 63028
Fax: 636-937-9392
Phone: 636-937-9383
Five Star Ins Agency Inc
215 East Main Street
Festus Mo 63028
Phone: 636-937-9383
Global Green Insurance Agency
1359 Mcnutt St
Herculaneum Mo 63048
Fax: 636-232-0456
Phone: 636-232-0460
Email: [email protected]
Hoff Insurance Agency Inc
245 South Commercial
St Clair Mo 63077
Fax: 636-629-7566
Phone: 636-629-3813
Email: [email protected]
Fcnb Insurance Services Inc
404 W Main
Steelville Mo 65565
Fax: 573-775-3929
Phone: 573-775-2770
Rhea Insurance Agency Inc
604 W Main St
Steelville Mo 65565
Fax: 573-775-3929
Phone: 573-775-2770
American Brokerage Llc Dba Globalgreen Insura
1884 Highway Z
Pevely Mo 63070
Fax: 888-277-0492
Phone: 314-406-7888
Fcnb Insurance Services Inc
407 N Franklin
Cuba Mo 65453
Phone: 573-885-3500
Bess Insurance Agency
1271 West Hwy 72
Fredericktown Mo 63645
Fax: 573-783-2269
Phone: 573-783-0090
Email: [email protected]
Gateway Insurance
4541 Old State Rte 21
Imperial Mo 63052
Fax: 314-270-5551
Phone: 636-209-4350
Email: [email protected]
Gateway Insurance Brokers Llc
4541 Old Hwy 21
Imperial Mo 63052
Fax: 314-270-5551
Phone: 636-209-4350
Insurance Consultants Inc
1242 Main Street
Imperial Mo 63052
Phone: 636-464-9804
Schroeder Insurance Agency
512 E Main St
Union Mo 63084
Phone: 636-583-2296
Schroeder Insurance
512 E Main
Union Mo 63084
Fax: 636-583-6152
Phone: 636-583-2296
Wiemann & Pues Insurance Agency
104 Saint Louis St W
Pacific Mo 63069
Fax: 636-271-5311
Phone: 636-271-2308
Nec Insurance Inc
308 Noonan Drive
Pacific Mo 63069
Fax: 636-271-6956
Phone: 636-271-2481
Sbi Schroepfer Bauer Insurance Agency
2 Williams Dr
Union Mo 63084
Fax: 683-583-6576
Phone: 636-583-2313

Potosi Car Insurance Facts

When purchasing auto insurance in Missouri, you should be aware of several legal requirements that dictate the minimum amount and levels of auto insurance coverage for the state. Compare auto insurance quotes and policies and ask about discounts to make sure you are getting the best value in Missouri.

Auto Insurance in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles and Insurance Department require that at a minimum, your auto insurance policy should provide you with coverage for liability from bodily and property damage. The minimum coverages in the state and limits are $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person per accident, $50,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident, $10,000 of property damage liability coverage per accident, $25,000 of uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage per person, and $50,000 of uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage per accident.

Keep in mind that these are the bare minimum insurance amounts. You are required to have proof of auto insurance financial responsibility either on your person or in your car. Failure to provide this proof to a police officer may result in a fine.

It is generally advisable to have other types of car insurance coverage to protect yourself from the various liabilities that can arise from an automobile accident. Compare quotes from different auto insurance companies, policies, and exclusions to help you decide what kinds of additional coverage you want to protect yourself from.

Motor Vehicle Statistics in Missouri

The average cost of car insurance in Missouri is $1,638 according to This annual premium ranks Missouri the 14th most expensive state for auto insurance in America.

As of 2009, Missouri reported registering 4,904,000 motor vehicles and 4,218,000 licensed drivers.

Auto thefts and property crime in your area can have an impact on the premiums paid for comprehensive coverage car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance helps to cover damage to your vehicle from sources other than accidents. Higher levels of property and vehicle crime in an area correlate with higher auto insurance premiums. This table will give you an idea of how Potosi stacks up against the rest of the Missouri

Theft Statistics
Population 2,647
Local Auto Thefts (2009) 2
Local Thefts Per 1000 People 0.76
State Thefts per 1000 People 2.91
Auto Accidents 39
Auto Fatalities 45

All states require drivers to establish some form of financial responsibility in the case of an car accident. In most cases this requires that the operator of a motor vehicle possess some form of collision auto insurance. Premiums paid for collision car insurance are based upon the costs

Make and Model Fatalities Accidents
Ford F-Series pickup 7 6
Harley-Davidson 750cc or greater 4 4
Jeep (Includes Willys**/Kaiser-Jeep Cherokee (1984-on) 1 2
Toyota Camry 1 2
Ford Escort/EXP/ZX2 2 2
Roadway Fatalities Accidents
US-67 9 6
SR-21 5 5
SR-32 6 5
SR-8 3 3
SR-E 2 2
Day Of Week Fatalities Accidents
Saturday 12 11
Friday 6 6
Sunday 6 5
Monday 6 5
Wednesday 6 5
Tuesday 4 4
Thursday 5 3