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By taking a Kansas Defensive Driving program and keeping your driving record spot-free, you are qualified to get an auto insurance discount. The amount of discount is not mandated by law, but every insurer is required to offer one. Furthermore, when a court advises you to take a Defensive Driving course, take it because it will help reduce a portion of your traffic ticket fine. We have put together a list of approved course providers in Kansas for your convenience at the end of the article.

Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course in Kansas

Kansas’ defensive driving programs are designed to coach motorists on how to avoid future traffic violations and accidents. But the benefits go beyond training you to become a safer driver.

Lower Insurance Rates: As legislated, all licensed companies in Kansas must offer an auto insurance discount for a period of 3 years to drivers who present a certificate of defensive driving course-completion. Discounts reflected on your policy may range from 10% or more, depending on your insurer. GEICO gives as much as 15% off while Allstate presents 22% off for the markdown. To renew your discount rights, all you need to do is take the Defensive Driving Course every three years to continue to be eligible.The certificate for filing is delivered to you directly by the course provider, provided you accomplish school-specific musts, such as passing a final exam with grades above 80/100.

By law, Kansas also allows insurance companies to decide the reduction rate as well as demand conditions for you to retain said reduction. In the case of Esurance, an accident or a traffic violation can cause your safe-driving discount to be taken back, thus causing your premium to rise. Your driving record can be a major factor in determining the status of your premium and your price cut.

Reduce a portion of your fines: Sometimes the need to take the program is prompted by the court. These are during unfortunate situations wherein the motorist commits a moving violation and the court proposes completing an accident prevention course as an alternative to paying the full fine for, say, speeding. In this scenario, the course will satisfy your requirement to keep your driving privilege, but the certificate cannot be used towards a discount.

Now, if the reason for taking the course is more severe – such as, court-ordered for the purpose of suspending a sentence – the program will prove to be advantageous as long as you do your part in completing it within the boundaries mandated by the Kansas municipal judge. In contrast to voluntarily taking the course for a discount, court-ordered Defensive Driving Courses need to be accomplished within a specified time.

Defensive Driving Course Program & Providers in Kansas

We’ve compiled a list of approved Defensive Driving providers below. If you are taking the course as assigned by court, you should receive information regarding your deadline to finish the program and if you need to take the class in person. Whereas, if you are taking the course for a discount, you are given the flexibility to complete the program at your own pace.

There are two types of lesson: online and classroom. Drivers have been known to finish an 8-chaptered online curriculum between four to twelve hours, hinging largely on one’s time management. How you take the course – in a classroom or online is an option given to you.

The curriculum varies per provider, as does passing requirements. iDriveSafely, for instance, requires you to score 80% or higher on a 25 multiple-choice final exam before issuing a certificate that qualifies you for the discount. Other traffic schools will have you take the course online and then wrap it up it with a behind-the-wheel test. Other traffic schools require you to simply carry out the course - and the certificate is yours. Regardless of the differences in completion, you can expect a Kansas’ Defensive Driving course to cover the following topics:

  • Kansas state traffic laws and regulations
  • Safe driving habits and using vehicle safety features
  • Managing hazardous driving situations such as weather, accidents, and traffic
  • Comprehensive defensive driving techniques and collision avoidance
  • The importance of avoiding drunk, distracted or drowsy driving
  • Recognizing and avoiding road rage and aggressive driving

The prices differ widely – anywhere between $19.95 and $65 – for a couple of reasons. Cyber classes are logistically more affordable while classroom venues are more costly. Twin City Driver, in particular, is a traffic school which will have you attend scheduled classes, plus, sit behind-the-wheel for on-track exams. This kind of defensive driving courses, obviously, rates a little more.


I Drive Safely$19.95YesNo800-723-1955

AARP Smart Driver


National Safety Council


Wichita Driving School


Twin City Driver Education


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