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AeroMexico Visa Credit Card: A Fantastic Offer for Flying to Latin America

AeroMexico Visa Credit Card: A Fantastic Offer for Flying to Latin America

Great card for flying to Latin America
Editor's Rating: 3.5/5.0

Editor's Rating


If you frequently fly to Mexico, or Central or South America, being an AeroMexico Visa cardholder can provide some outstanding benefits. This credit card, offered by U.S. Bank, features great perks such as free AeroMexico airline tickets and high potential rewards rates, up to 6% when maximized. The benefits offered by the AeroMexico credit card are only worth getting if you fit certain criteria, which are more inclusive than some of its competitors. If you take business or vacation trips to Latin America frequently or in large groups, you should consider getting the AeroMexico card for its great travel rewards, which we'll cover more in our review below.

AeroMexico Credit Card Pros

  • High rewards rates (up to 6% back) for AeroMexico flights to Latin America
  • Free ticket perks for passengers when purchasing tickets in bulk, or upon renewal
  • Low annual rate of $45 (waived in first year) worth the value of the perks

AeroMexico Visa Card Cons

  • Best use scenario limited to air travel to one region
  • No ability to redeem Club Premier Miles on awards outside of airline tickets (e.g. statement credits)

Review: Is the AeroMexico Credit Card Worth It?

The current bonuses and benefits ensemble make the travel credit card from AeroMexico valuable mostly for consumers who can take advantage of the ‘free ticket’ benefits as well as the high rewards rate. The recent restructuring of the card’s benefits came as a pleasant surprise. Since then, the AeroMexico Visa card has gained a lot more value and a more defined purpose. If you find yourself frequently traveling with AeroMexico Airlines, this card is definitely worth considering.

The most outstanding benefit of the AeroMexico credit card is its ability to earn cardholders free AeroMexico tickets. First, whenever card users purchase three seats on an AeroMexico flight, they get a fourth ticket (for the same flight) free. This offer is great for passengers traveling with large groups or families. Additionally, you also receive a $99 Companion Certificate each year you renew your AeroMexico Visa Card. This certificate essentially acts as a “buy one ticket get second one for $99” offer. Therefore, the value of this promotion increases as you redeem this item for more expensive flights. A two-way ticket from New York to Cancun, for example, costs $500 with AeroMexico. With this companion ticket, you could save $401 on the flight – a savings of 80%. The $99 certificate can only be used on flights between the U.S. and Mexico, making this a restrictive award and not as attractive as the previous offer.

The AeroMexico travel rewards card outshines its peers by offering bonus Club Premier Miles on gas, groceries, AeroMexico ticket purchases, and AeroMexico Vacations (some caveats explained in the Benefits and Features section below). One of the most disappointing features of other airline credit cards has been their lack of general use potential – a problem not present in the AeroMexico credit card. With this card’s increased rewards rates, cardholders have the ability to rapidly accumulate Club Premier Miles, which can be exchanged for rewards flights in the future.

Club Premier Miles, when redeemed for flights with AeroMexico, offer some of the best rewards rates we’ve seen. A lot of value that can be extracted from this card by individuals who wish to put the effort in to maximize their rewards. On average, AeroMexico Visa cardholders can expect rewards rates of 1.8% - depending on how you earn and redeem Club Premier Miles, the return can range from 1.3% to 6%.

It is important to note that, as great as the AeroMexico credit card is, it is only of use to anyone interested in travel specifically to Latin America. As a general travel rewards card, this credit card from U.S. Bank fails to stand out. While miles can be redeemed at any SkyTeam member airline (including Delta), the benefits which make this card better than average are locked to AeroMexico Airlines. Therefore, if you are looking for greater spending freedom and more redemption flexibility out of your travel rewards credit card, the AeroMexico Visa Card is not a good option. Our top picks for travel credit cards will offer you greater benefits.

AeroMexico Visa Card Rewards, Features, and Perks

For all of its great bonus miles, free tickets, and companion ticket certificates, there are some restrictions within the Terms and Conditions that create a world of difference. Who the AeroMexico credit card can be most valuable to will depend on potential cardholders' spending and traveling habits.

AeroMexico Visa Card
Annual Fee
$0 Intro Annual Fee for the first year then $45
Purchase APR
12.99% - 22.99% Variable
Credit Needed Excellent
  • Redeem miles (or Premier Kilometers) for award tickets, upgrades, and salon / SkyTeam VIP lounge access
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance Services, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, and Travel Accident Insurance for card purchases

How can AeroMexico Club Premier Miles be Redeemed?

Compared to some top-tier travel rewards credit cards, how you can redeem Club Premier Miles earned through AeroMexico is fairly limited. Miles can be used to book travel with AeroMexico Airlines or any of the SkyTeam airlines, all of which are listed below. Unfortunately, Club Premier Miles cannot be redeemed for awards such as Statement Credit that other travel credit cards allow.

SkyTeam Member Airlines


AlitaliaDelta Air LinesMiddle East Airlines

Aerolineas Argentinas

China AirlinesGaruda IndonesiaSaudia


China EasternKenya AirwaysTAROM

Air Europa

China SouthernKLMVietnam Airlines

Air France

Czech AirlinesKorean AirXiamenAir

Another limitation with redeeming AeroMexico miles for reward flights is that it has to be done over the telephone (800-247-3737). There is no online redemption management tool from U.S. Bank / AeroMexico Airlines for travel rewards.

How Much are AeroMexico Miles Worth?

The value of Club Premier Miles chiefly depends upon how AeroMexico Visa cardholders use their credit card. In general, most things purchased using the card will earn one Club Premier Mile for every $1 spent. There are, however, exceptions to this – certain spending categories can earn consumers bonus miles. Gas and groceries purchases, for example, earn cardholders 2 Club Premier Miles for each $1 they spend. You can also earn double the miles when using the card to pay for AeroMexico flights and vacations. Note, however, that in order to earn extra miles for AeroMexico vacations, you must book the vacation on – otherwise you will get just 1 mile for each net dollar of spending.

Knowing how to earn miles is only half the story. To fully understand the value of Club Premier Miles, one must take a look at what we can do with them. Fortunately, there is a simple redemption program when booking flights with AeroMexico miles. Round-trip flights between the United States and Latin America can cost 35,000 miles to redeem. The best use of AeroMexico miles will be to book the flights with the most expensive ticket prices in order to obtain the greatest possible value for your mile. By examining the prices of several sample US-Latin America trips (below), we found that the value of one Club Premier Mile can range between $0.013 and $0.029. The average value of miles from the AeroMexico credit card is higher than some other Latin America-based airline rewards miles. LANPASS Miles, for example, average a value of $0.015.Note that AeroMexico miles redeemed for award flights on SkyTeam partners will have varying value.

Sample AeroMexico Flights

USDClub Premier MilesMiles Value

NYC to Cancun


LA to Acapulco


Chicago to Mexico City


Miami to Lima


Denver to Tijuana


Houston to San Salvador




With the knowledge of how much each mile is worth, we can then finally see how efficient each dollar you spend using the AeroMexico Visa Card can be. We do so by analyzing three different kinds of spending.

CategoryRateSpendingMilesMiles Value (Airline Tickets)Rewards Rate

Gas & Groceries


AeroMexico Tickets & Vacations


All Other Spending




If you spend $1,000 on Gas & Groceries you will earn Club Premier Miles at a rate of 2 per $1, as explained above. $1,000 x 2 = 2,000 Club Premier Miles.

1 Club Premier Mile = $0.018 (on average).

2,000 Club Premier Miles x $0.018 = $36.16.

Therefore, after spending $1,000 on Gas & Groceries, we can extract a value of $36.16.

$36.16 / $1,000 = 3.6%.

When refueling your car, or buying groceries for the family on the AeroMexico credit card, your rewards rate on average can be 3.6%. The same rate applies to charging AeroMexico flights and vacations on the card. All other spending on the AeroMexico travel card earns a rewards rate of 1.8%.

AeroMexico Card's Bonus Miles

When you first use your AeroMexico Visa Card you receive a bonus of 15,000 Club Premier Miles – a potential value of $270 using the average rewards rate of 1.8%. However, since these miles can only be redeemed for airline flights it may be better to think of bonuses in terms of how close it can get you to a flight. To that end, this signing bonus gets users approximately 43% towards a round-trip flight from the U.S. to Latin America.

AeroMexico Visa Card Free Ticket Perks

One of the perks of the credit card from AeroMexico Airlines and U.S. Bank is the opportunity to receive free tickets. This bonus comes in the form of a ‘Buy 3 AeroMexico tickets, get the 4th one free” promotion. There are two restrictions on this offer that prospective cardholders should be aware of:

  1. This offer applies to same-flight tickets only. This means that you cannot purchase 3 tickets over the course of a year, and then get another ticket for a different trip for free. All 4 ticketed passengers must travel together - same AeroMexico flight, same date, and same departure and destination. While this perk may be useless to the solo traveler, it is better-suited for AeroMexico passengers who travel with families or large groups of friends.
  2. Tickets are restricted to AeroMexico Airlines. While Club Premier Miles can generally be redeemed on a variety of airlines within the SkyTeam alliance, this promotion applies only to tickets you buy for AeroMexico seats.

On a side note, travelers in large groups will appreciate the complimentary baggage feature. Not all airplanes support this feature, so it is crucial to contact AeroMexico Airlines before committing to taking an extra bag.

Renewal Bonuses & Offers

Additionally, AeroMexico Visa cardholders receive 2,000 bonus Club Premier Miles when they they renew every year - that equates to a 5% contribution towards your next two-way trip.

The second, and somewhat more restrictive, offer is an annual $99 Companion Certificate. This certificate can only be applied to AeroMexico flights between the U.S. and Mexico. While you can exchange Club Premier Points at any SkyTeam member airline, it is important to note this certificate is only redeemable with AeroMexico. Because the audience for this item is limited, this offer should not be the deciding factor behind getting the AeroMexico Visa Card.

How does the AeroMexico Credit Card Compare to other Travel Credit Cards?

When shopping around for a credit card, it is important to understand the market space. It is not adviseable to decide if the AeroMexico travel card is the right credit card for you in a vacuum. To address this issue, below are brief explanations of how AeroMexico Visa Card performs when stacked up against similar travel rewards credit cards.

AeroMexico Visa vs AeroMexico Visa Signature Credit Card

When applying for the AeroMexico Visa card, all applicants will be considered for the AeroMexico Visa Signature Card first. Depending on your credit score, you will either be offered the Signature or regular edition. In such a case, a natural question arises: should you strive to get the AeroMexico Visa Signature card over its counterpart? The answer: not really. The features for the two cards are virtually identical. The AeroMexico Visa Signature does offer slightly better signing and renewal bonuses, but they come at a cost. There is a significantly higher annual cost for the Visa Signature - $80 per year ($35 more).

The one key difference between the two cards is that the Visa Signature version comes with no preset spending limit. This means that the cap on your spending will be decided on the fly based on your spending patterns, income, and a host of other factors. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the needs of a consumer. While it opens up the potential to make more purchases, it also runs the risk of causing a consumer to be denied a charge to his or her surprise.

Outside of that, however, all other aspects of the two cards are the same. They both provide the same rewards rate and offer the same type of redemption options. Which one is the better card for you really depends on whether you find the higher annual rate to be a reasonable cost for the few added perks and bonuses. More importantly, however, it will depend on an individual’s opinion on preset spending limits.

AeroMexico Visa vs LANPASS Visa Card

The LANPASS Visa Card from U.S. Bank is yet another airline-affiliated credit card from U.S. Bank. Like the AeroMexico Visa Card, the LANPASS is best used for travel to South America. The standout feature of the LANPASS card is the once-a-year 10% discount on a flight with LANPASS Airlines. That bonus is capped, however, at $500. Meaning that if you travel to South America with groups of 4+ people, the AeroMexico Visa is probably the better value. However, if you travel by yourself or in smaller groups, the 10% discount from the LANPASS credit card will save you more money on one flight.

When it comes to earning points, the LANPASS Visa is nothing to look at. The card offers a flat rate of 1 point per $1 spent – overall, and very little else outside of its 10% discount.

On the other hand, the LANPASS Visa also comes with no annual cost, while the AeroMexico Visa Card costs $45 per year (after the first year). This does not necessarily count against AeroMexico, since the card’s bonuses and rewards rates make up for what is a relatively low annual cost for travel credit cards.

AeroMexico Visa vs Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

In the world of general travel rewards credit cards few reign above the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card, overall. However, there may be consumers who would prefer the AeroMexico in certain circumstances. If a user has no desire to travel outside of the destinations offered by AeroMexico while spending predominantly on categories such as gas and groceries, then the value of the AeroMexico Visa Card can exceed that of even the Venture Card. An individual who can take full advantage of features such as the “Buy 3 tickets get 4th free” promotions can certainly get the most value with the U.S. Bank credit card.

If instead the user is more interested in a credit card that offers greater freedom and a greater flexibility in reward spending, there is no card better than the Venture. The card allows users to spend points earned on things such as statement credits which can help pay for travel-related expenses. While the Venture's rewards rate is not as good as the optimal rewards rate of the AeroMexico Visa card, the latter requires a greater hassle to attain said rate and will not provide the same flexibility of use for them.

Resources for AeroMexico Visa Cardholders

How do I apply for the card?

You can apply online, visit a branch, or call 866-266-5042.

How do I book flights using Club Premier Miles?

There is no online portal to do so. In order to redeem your Club Premier Miles you must call 800-247-3737 and provide them with your Club Premier Miles account number. If you do not have this number simply contact the AeroMexico Visa offices at 866-266-5042.

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