Infographic: Donald Trump and His Almighty Dollar

There are many things about Donald Trump that are not lacking: his hair, his confidence and his influence, to name a few. There is also no shortage of information about the real estate mogul-turned-multimedia entertainer-turned-Republican presidential candidate. So where to start? When we ventured into encapsulating Trump's candidacy during this everlasting election cycle, we decided to focus on perhaps his two most Trumpian traits: his sheer wealth (which sometimes causes debate) and his blunt talk (which almost always does). We compiled his most telling quotes, combed through media reports and checked his campaign-issued "Net Worth Summary" and Federal Election Commission-released financial disclosure report. Our exhaustive process was only the start. The research still needed to be visualized.

Designed by Trinh Pham

Donald Trump infographic
  • Trump fired 216 people on "The Apprentice" franchise.
  • There are 288 Trump Organization employees on Linkedin; seven of them attended New York University.
  • Of his 33 real estate agents listed on his company websites, 24 are women.
  • His fragrances are called “Success” and “Empire.”
  • He was voted his high school class’s “Ladies Man.”
  • He was drafted but received medical deferment from the Vietnam War because of bone spurs in his heels.
  • He asked out Candice Bergen when they were classmates at Penn, but she turned him down.
  • He has not released his college transcripts.
  • He used to drink a gallon of Diet Coke per day.
  • He does not consume alcohol.
  • The sporting world supports him: Tom Brady, Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight have endorsed his candidacy.
  • He has more Facebook likes and Instagram followers than any presidential candidate.
  • Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has about 30,000 more Twitter followers.

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