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Buck, from BuckInspire.com has been blogging off and on for four and a half years. Based out of Los Angeles, California, he is a full-time information technology professional and blogs during his free time.

Why did you start the BuckInspire.com?

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I have always been frugal, loved to save and shop for deals. I thought to myself, why not write about something I'm passionate about?

What is the area of finance that your blog is particularly strong on (a particular demographic you focus on, etc) and how does your personal finance blog differ from others in the space?

Frugality, people who love to get the most bang for their buck. Pardon The pun. I don't just key on personal finance topics. After the birth of my son,I've also delved into being a dad, travel, and personal development.

How do you generate ideas and choose what you want to write about on a daily basis/what helps you generate materials on a consistent basis?

Like most personal finance bloggers, I write about my financial challenges that pop up along the way. When I was having a baby, I wrote about paid family leave, starting a 529 plan, and kids eat free restaurants. When I Was trying to get a new job, I wrote about the job interview process and salary negotiations. When my employer had open enrollment, I wrote about insurance options. When I bought a new car, I wrote about switching myloan to a lower interest credit union.

What are the biggest struggles you have and what is your personal financial goal (both short term and long term)?

Finding more passive income streams and saving enough for retirement.

What do you see as the biggest impediment to most people achieving their personal finance goals?

Taking on too much debt. Exhibit A, The Great Recession. Need I say more?

What are some steps that readers can take tomorrow to begin improving their financial situation?

Be disciplined and apply any extra savings you have to paying off your highest interest credit card bill. Paying over 20% on a credit card balance is insane.

What tools or resources do you rely on to keep your own personal finances in order?

Mint and Personal Capital, can't leave home without them. I check them everyday. Before I thought money was a taboo subject and should not be focused on. I now realize money is an essential part of life. You should have no problem keeping tabs on it like more neutral items like weight,blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Do you think there is an area of personal finance that there aren't enough resources on?

No. There is a wealth of resources everywhere. It all depends on the person. Do you really want to learn more and improve your situation? How much do you want it?

What other websites or blogs do you read regularly?

Yahoo Finance, USA TODAY, and Investor's Business Daily.

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