Lasell College Finance - Christina Quintal

Lasell College Finance - Christina Quintal

This past week we had the privilege of chatting with Christina Quintal from Lasell College. Christina is a Finance and Accounting Major at the Newton, MA college and also serves as the Vice President of the Accounting Finance Club. She is scheduled to graduate in 2015. We asked Christina what her experience has been with the Finance program at Lasell and why she thinks a career in finance is such a great option. Here's what she had to say:

What influenced you to pursue a career in Finance?

Christina Quintal smiles towards the camera

The idea to pursue a career in Finance first stemmed from senior year in High school. I was still unsure of what I wanted to do in College and one of my teachers had done a brief overview of the world of finance. When I came to Lasell College, after hearing the opportunities that Finance could offer me, I knew I wanted to immerse myself in Finance.

Why should other students consider a focus in Finance?

I believe that other students should absolutely consider a focus in finance. It is not only useful for personal financial planning reasons, but it helps us understand the economy which is vital, no matter what your career path one may take. There is so much more to finance than what people perceive, and it is a topic that is composed of endless information. It is one of the most solid careers to pursue and it can take you very far.

What has been your experience with the Finance program at your school?

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with the Finance program at Lasell College for many reasons. I believe that one of the best parts of the program is the professors. They have so much passion and knowledge about the subject, that they can get students involved in a topic that can be challenging. My professors have offered me so much advice and guidance in what I want to specialize in. Another great part of our program is our connected learning, which I especially enjoy. In past classes, we have composed investment portfolios, analyzed real stocks and have worked on case studies. These experiences have helped me get a feel for my future career beyond just textbooks and lectures.

Have you participated in any internships, and if so, how many and how were they?

I have not yet participated in any internships, but I am currently searching for some.

Please share an interesting or little-known fact you've learned about the world of finance…

An interesting fact I've learned about finance is all the different ways you apply the topic in a career as well as your personal life. There are so many different paths and concentrations that you can use in the world of finance, such as risk analysis, or controls.

What are your future aspirations and career plans?

I have so many future aspirations and career plans. I hope to go to graduate School for my MS in Finance, and my MBA. I plan on pursuing a number of different certifications such as:

Christina Quintal smiles to the camera

CPA, CFA, CFP, Series 6, Series 7 and series 86 to name a few. I enjoy analyzing stocks and projects for firms, and hopefully one day I will end up being a CFO. At some point I would like to go back for my PhD in Finance, and be a professor at a University, to influence other students in their career path in finance.

Anything else you’d like to share?

In my opinion, finance is the most useful subject to know. It is so important to be able to hold an educated, and knowledgeable conversation with someone about finance. We need to take control of our personal finances to be successful and even if you just know the basics, it absolutely goes a long way.

Even if you think finance is too difficult of a subject to study, you should give it a try. You can do anything if you put effort in it, and with all the real-world connections made, it becomes fun and enjoyable to learn about.

Brian is a ValuePenguin Co-Founder. He previously worked in the financial services industry as an Associate at NASDAQ OMX and a Risk Analyst at Avenue Capital Group.