Florida Blue BlueOptions Everyday Health 1420 (Florida)

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Company Florida Blue (BlueCross BlueShield FL)
Plan Year 2014
State Florida
Metal Tier Gold
Plan Type EPO
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Cost Sharing Benefits (In Network)

Policyholders are generally responsible for 100% of costs until the deductible amount is met. After the deductible has been met the policyholder is responsible for the coinsurance / copay until the out of pocket maximum is reached at which point the insurance company assumes 100% of all costs.

Deductible (Individual) $2,500
Deductible (Family) $5,000
Coinsurance 20%
Out of Pocket Maximum (Individual) $6,250
Out of Pocket Maximum (Family) $12,500

Doctors Visits

Primary Care Visit $20
Specialist Visit $50
In Patient Hospital Services 20% Coinsurance after deductible
Emergency Room Services 20% Coinsurance after deductible

Tests and Imaging

Imaging (CT/PET Scans, MRIs) 20% coinsurance
Laboratory Outpatient and Professional Services $0
X-ray and Diagnostic Imaging 20% coinsurance


Mental / Behavioral Health $50 copay
Rehabilitative Speech Therapy 20% coinsurance
Rehabilitative Occupational & Physical Therapy 20% coinsurance
Outpatient Facility 20% coinsurance
Outpatient Surgery 20% coinsurance

Prescription Drugs

Generic Rx $10
Preferred Brand Rx $40
Non Preferred Brand Rx $70
Specialty Drugs $150

Other Plans

Other plans that are available in the state.

Plan Name
BlueOptions Everyday Health 1423
BlueOptions Essential (HSA) 1419
BlueOptions Everyday Health 1431
BlueOptions Everyday Health 1418
BlueOptions Everyday Health Premier 1418V
BlueOptions Everyday Health 1416
BlueOptions All Copay 1424
BlueOptions Everyday Health 1410
BlueOptions All Copay 1505
BlueSelect Everyday Health 1456
BlueSelect Essential (HSA) 1452
BlueSelect Everyday Health 1464
BlueSelect Everyday Health 1451
BlueSelect Everyday Health Premier 1451V
BlueSelect Everyday Health 1449
BlueSelect All Copay 1457
BlueSelect Everyday Health 1443
BlueSelect All Copay 1535
BlueCare Everyday Health 1490
BlueCare Essential (HSA) 1486
BlueCare Everyday Health 1498
BlueCare Everyday Health 1485
BlueCare Everyday Health 1483
BlueCare All Copay 1491
BlueCare Everyday Health 1477
BlueCare All Copay 1565

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